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Are you at the point of focusing on bringing visibility to your business?




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Why do you think the Visibility Lounge is the right membership to help you with your visibility/publicity strategy?

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Michelle is all about giving step-by-step instructions to master your branding, signature show, guesting + publicity strategies. Explain how having these tools would help you leap forward.

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What part of The Visibility Lounge would support you the most?


The learning modules


The hot seats


The weekly office hours


The quarterly in-person events

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Michelle is big on us all supporting each other in the community. Are you committed to lifting up fellow members + engaging in the group?




I'm not sure.

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Michelle loves donating 10% of the Visibility Lounge revenue to help the world. And she wants her members to have the same heart to change the planet with their business. Please put the charity you love in the paragraph below + why you are drawn to it:

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This membership is application-only to weed out tire-kickers + non-committed riff raff. Please explain why you're committed to taking action in The Visibility Lounge + how you plan to do so: {also include any additional comments you want Michelle to see!}

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If Michelle were to grant you access today, would you commit financially to $97 a month right now?


Yes!! Count me in!


I'm not sure.

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