{Create 30 days of content ahead of time!}


What You'll Walk Away With:

  • A full content calendar so you have content to fill every day of the upcoming month
  • Filled out titles for all of your content, including: videos, blogs, livestreams, podcasts {consistent branding, anyone?}
  • Guidance on where to design + schedule your graphics
  • Inputting your content schedule into a project management software so you can get it all done + not have to keep it all in your head!


I wish I would have known all of this when I first got started! This system allows me to worry less about daily content creation {thinking up captions, posts, blogs + videos} + more time to give attention to my paid offerings!


{Nail Your Primary Colors + Find Your Ideal Clients Effortlessly}


What You'll Walk Away With:

  • A complete understanding of what primary light spectrum colors mean to your viewer
  • Discovering the purpose of primary + secondary colors in your branding
  • How to create your Mission Statement
  • How to subconsciously attract your ideal client through color


I've combined my unique history of Hollywood + healing to show you exactly what color can do for your brand. This is how I attract ideal clients like a ninja - without any extra effort! My branding colors are like a lighthouse - constantly reaching out to my ideal audience + bringing them in. I can't wait to show you how to do the same thing!


{Create 10 Videos In 1 Month!}


What You'll Walk Away With:

  • How to lay out your video creation so it feels totally doable {NOT overwhelming or scary}
  • Staying organized so you can actually get all of this done on time
  • How to fill out your content calendar with juicy videos that will bring clients to you on autopilot
  • Making videos your marketing va's - so they're reaching people 24/7


I'm so excited to be using my film/tv background to show you how to do this! 1 minute of video is equal to 2.8 MILLION words!! So yeah... you need to be making videos now. Imagine watching your following grow + be impacted by your unique message so you can build your credibility, establish trust + build your list!


{How To MASTER Going Live}


What You'll Walk Away With:

  • A livestreaming cheat sheet that I've used successfully for a year
  • Tips to stay organized so you come across like a pro
  • A step-by-step guide that will help you easily flow through your LIVE from start to finish


The easiest way to master going LIVE is to outline a system your brain can fall back on. That gives you the room to have fun + inject your personality, while not having to panic trying to create on the fly. I love this system + know you will too! 


{Attract Listeners + Actually Make An IMPACT}


What You'll Walk Away With:

  • A cemented podcast topic/theme that you know your audience will love
  • Clarity on your podcast's mission {why else would people listen?}
  • A super-clear podcast intro that your listener can hear + immediately resonate with
  • A clear genre your podcast fits into for searchability
  • Defining your ideal audience
  • Deciding on your podcast format so it flows!


Podcasting isn't easy! It's taken me 2 years to figure all of this stuff out. But, with the right foundation {this workshop} + a ton of heart, you can start establishing your authority in the online space!


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