These are the mini, actionable training's I recommend for you to dig right into visibility strategy...
so you get a quick win + see if we're a good fit together.
The Key Daily Practices That Will Support Your Health, Cement Your Mindset + Keep You In Consistent Joy
  •  A breakdown of the daily AM, AFT + PM routines that I do EVERY SINGLE DAY to stay balanced
  •  A list of practices to keep you relaxed  
  •  A list of herbs + teas to keep you alkaline {aka stress free}  
  •  A list of recommended products that I use on the daily that keep me creating, not burning out 
So You Can Create A Month's Worth Of Content Ahead Of Time!
  •  A full content calendar so you have daily content to last every day of the upcoming month
  •  Filled out titles for all of your content: including videos, blogs, livestreams, podcasts + each day's graphic {consistent branding, anyone?}  
  •  Guidance on where to design + schedule your graphics  
  •  Guidance on transitioning your content into a project management software so you can actually get it all done!
I'll show you exactly how I do this so that each month is low stress + maximum free time!
So You Can Confidently Choose Your Brand Colors With Meaning + Start Establishing Your Brand Identity!
  •  A complete understanding of exactly what the main colors of the light spectrum mean onscreen
  •  A knowledge of precisely how the main colors of the light spectrum affect our main hormone producing glands 
  •  How to choosing our BRAND COLORS needs to be done purposefully + clearly {i.e. purple + the kidneys, so purple is a great color for a relationship coach}
So You Can Fill Your site, YouTube Channel + Social Media With Lots Of Content To Attract More Clients!
  •    Building your credibility
  •  Building your know/like/trust 
  •  Knowing your videos are out there working for you 24/7 
  •  Building your list
Dip Your Toe In The Water By Learning The Basics Of Outlining Your Live
  •  So You Have A "Cheat Sheet"
  •  So You're Prepared + Come Across As A Pro
  •  So You'll Get Through Your LIVE Easily!
So It's Unique, Attracts The Right Listeners + Actually Makes An Impact!
  •  Exercises to come up with a topic specific to what you're most passionate about
  •  An idea for the perfect genre for your show 
  •  Your Mission: Why you're creating this podcast + why it will touch the world 
  •  The Right Format: So you'll know the structure that's a perfect fit for you!