Hi! I'm Michelle...

Leading Visibility Authority, Author + Podcast Host

My old life had a lot of visible, but invisible moments.

Having a Dad who raised me around the Hollywood Elite, I went to college to study Film + Television, entering the world I was very familiar with at age 20.
There were fun moments, sure. But there were also really hard ones. Like my acting coach, {well known actress, actually} who told me I wasn't pretty enough + was too overweight to ever be on camera.
So, as any young lady not totally sold on her worthiness would do, I retreated into the shadows...for awhile.

I became a Stand-In for well-known tv shows like "Melrose Place", "Numbers", "Pretty Little Liars" + "Chuck". I would have little glimpses...moments of just a smidge of limelight, where I'd run away again. I was in the environment - close enough to touch it, but too afraid to truly step out on my own.

I remember the day I got the call that:
1. My song was going to be on "Pretty Little Liars" for their 100th episode... 
2. The TV pitch pilot I had written was a 'go' to shoot. 
Was I ecstatic? 
Did I believe I would succeed? 


It took a lot of time for me to realize that I was *this* close to my purpose. That I'd gone through all of this muck because I was destined to help other women with similar wounds + nerves step out onto their deserved red carpet! And then...
  •  I started treading water in the crazy sea of online entrepreneurship
  •  I realized I had huge gifts of administration + soaked up every piece of information I craved like a sponge 
  •  I built e-courses, sites, systems + brands with ease 
  •  I coached women how to rock their livestreams 
  •  I showed them how to create gorgeous, impactful videos
My rudderless ship of life transformed into a steel vessel {with a heck of a captain's chair} - with a clear course charted ahead.
I never want another woman to feel that powerless, lost or like a failure. That's why I pull them out of that world + into this beautiful one that I created. A world full of self-love, chosen joy + purposeful abundance.
The kicker? The power's been inside of us all along!
Now, I feel like the woman I used to dream about as a little girl.
Can you relate?
Knowing you have a huge purpose, that you're meant to help people, that you're meant to be SEEN.
And that's where my life is at now.
Being featured in real publicity, not just depending on Facebook Ads to get my face out there.
Connecting with other entrepreneurs in my industry + being seen as an equal.
Leading a Visibility Revolution that will continue to grow.
I'm glad we met. Let's work together!

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