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Hey, I'm your host Michelle!

My show focuses on the non-unicorn, scrappy, heart-centered business owner who wants to be seen for the right reasons + just wants the step-by-step guide to get there.

You'll find solos, interviews, hacks, insights + honest truth-telling.

So, let's get up + get moving, shall we?

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Mastering The Media: 5 Steps To Consistent Brand Coverage

Jun 12, 2023

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Visibility queen!!

"I found out about Michelle when I purchased her Podcast Pitch Kit which got me hooked on her podcast. If you’re looking for more visibility, I highly recommend both!!!"



"Michelle shares such valuable information. As an entrepreneur it’s always a major struggle when your starting to feel visible, to be seen. Michelle goes through so much from visibility to publicity."


Great valuable content!

"This is a really great podcast. I loved the tactical tips about speaking and being visible. It's so helpful. Thank you for sharig your valuable gifts with the online world."

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