Shining the Spotlight on Visibility: 4 Visibility Types In Marketing- Which One Are you?

Jul 10, 2023


Shining the Spotlight on Visibility: 4 Visibility Types In Marketing

I've spent most of my life surrounded by the film industry.

Living in the mecca for film production + learning skills both in front of the camera + behind, it has allowed me to see just how connected business + film are!

Marketing + the film industry may seem like two different worlds, but they share a common thread: visibility.

Just as actors, directors, + other professionals in the film industry strive to be seen + recognized, businesses also need to create visibility for their brands to succeed.

Visibility is a vital component of marketing success + understanding your type within the realm of visibility can significantly impact your marketing strategies.

Discovering your style allows you to learn how to leverage your strengths + tailor your marketing efforts to maximize your impact.

In this blog post, we'll explore the four types of visibility in marketing;

  • The Actor
  • The Production Designer
  • The Writer
  • The Director

Then, we'll relate each type to the business industry to help you better understand how visibility impacts your marketing strategy! 

What type are you?





So, you took the quiz above + now you have your visibility archetype. Fantastic!

Now let's learn about what it actually means + what the other types in the business are because let's be honest - We will all need each of these types for our business to thrive.

Just like the film industry - It is never a one-man show

Knowing what your strengths are + knowing what your weaknesses are {+ what could potentially be outsourced} can allow you to shine the spotlight on your business!

Let's get started - "QUIET ON SET!"





The Actor

In the film industry, actors are the face of a movie. They captivate audiences. 

You are the life of the party! 

You are full of energy + your visibility extends "beyond the screen".

You love business because it allows you to entertain others + make money + it allows you the freedom you crave in your lifestyle! 

I am sure that you love exploring, traveling, hanging out with friends + going out - being your own boss allows you to have that life + play balance that works so wonderfully with your personality!

Just like an actor often participates + leverages social media platforms, interviews + public appearances to showcase their talent, personality + dedication to their craft...

You engage with others to help build your brand + spread the news! 

You are so much fun to be around + live in the moment {a skill not all have} which leads you to connect with your audience more by attending events + collaborating on new ideas.

This also goes along with your need for affirmation + collaboration from others to get your energy.

So, having your own business that allows you freedom – is a win!

Although, your loving + freestyle also needs balance to illuminate your true presence.

While writing out short-term goals {example: a 30-day plan vs. a year} will keep you right on track to get where you want to go!

What are some other ways you can do this + what should you AVOID as you move forward?

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Just like actors in the film industry, industry visibility in marketing requires building a reputation, establishing authority + positioning yourself as a leader in your industry which allows others to trust you + seek you out among businesses! 


The Director

Directors are the visionary leaders behind the camera.

They are responsible for translating scripts into cinematic experiences.


 I am a director + so is my father.

Growing up in the business, I have not only known exactly what directors do, but how they can be a leading force to success! 

In the film industry, the director is the one who sets the creative direction + vision for the film.

You have the unique ability to outline an entire process from start to finish - You are not afraid of setting a vision! 

You are able to set goals + stand by them, but also are able to pivot if needed to better align with your overall goals for a project! 

You are someone who can be a team leader + driven.

You know the best way to get things done, teach others + get it done within the timeline that was set! 

Something I have noticed, with Directors, is that sometimes our obsession with wanting to get something done can make it hard just to let the process happen. 

Let's just say waiting is not the easiest thing for you- am I right? {I can personally attest it is not for me!

It can make you uneasy, but the one thing I KNOW is we get things done! 

So, similarly in marketing + maintaining a consistent visual + storytelling approach allows you to establish a distinct brand.

This allows you to truly attract both audiences + industry professionals.

What are some other ways you shine + what should you AVOID as you move forward?

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The Writer

Writers are the masterminds behind captivating storylines, dialogues + character development.

You are the heart of the story!

Writers' visibility is rooted in their ability to create unique + compelling narratives. In business, you are rooted in truly connecting with others, crafting authentic copy + bringing a brand to life because you put your heart + soul behind it all. 

You love to make people feel heard + seen - THIS is a powerful tool!

Writers are fantastic at leveraging social media platforms, blogs + interviews to share insights into their creative process + engage with readers.

You are compassionate, loving + thoughtful by nature. This allows for the ability to truly become a changemaker in your business + the world.

No changemaker I can think of doesn't have this attribute!

We connect with them because they let their hearts guide them in everything they do - as do you!

Business is great for writers because you love to serve others. 

You love to help others get to a place of empowerment + knowing they matter {What a beautiful reason to be in business}.

Just as a film can't get anywhere without a great writer, a business cannot reach its full potential without one either.

Something I notice with Writers though is they give, give, give...

One major downfall of theirs is they often leave themselves depleted because they put everyone else ahead of themselves. 

This leads them to forget to serve from a full cup, but how do you combat this?

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Learning to have balance + boundaries for yourself is very important. We cannot help others without first helping ourselves. 


The Production Designer

Production designers are the visual architects who shape the overall look and feel of a film.

You make dreams into reality! 

No really, can you imagine "Lord Of The Rings" with cardboard shields + sticks?! We wouldn't quite be along for the adventure, would we?

You are amazing at achieving goals + meeting all the business needs.

Just like a Production Designer in the film - you create actionable + tangible steps to get your plan to succeed! You are invaluable.

Your need to continuously tweak, learn, grow + play allows your business to thrive on a day-to-day level but more importantly a sustainable long-term level. 

You are great at analyzing + knowing where you can improve a process to make it more seamless, easy + successful! {This is not a talent all the others have!}

Just like in film where their visibility lies in their ability to create immersive environments that transport audiences into the story.

Production designers, in business, utilize online platforms, portfolios + collaborations to showcase their artistic vision + demonstrate their expertise.

By consistently delivering visually stunning work + collaborating with others, production designers establish a strong reputation for making ideas come to life & being sought-after professionals in all industries.

Though just like writers, you need support - You need a cheerleader to cheer you on + keep you motivated, but there are other types of support you need as well...

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And find out all your needs, how to get them + what you really can bring to that table!  



In the film industry, the visibility leaders {The Actor, Director, Writer + the Production Designer} each play a unique + crucial role in shaping the success of a film.

I really encourage you to not only learn your own but learn the other three types as well!

By understanding yours + appreciating the distinct contributions of strengths + weaknesses in each visibility leader, we gain insights into the diverse talents + skill sets required to thrive in the dynamic world of business. 

"Visibility is not just about being seen; it's about strategically positioning your brand in the right places to attract and engage your target audience." - Michelle Lewis, Visibility Vixen

Visibility is a crucial aspect of marketing + the film industry provides valuable insights into their relevance to marketing.

These principles can create a strong brand presence, capture the attention of your target audience + drive business your business to success. 

So, let your brand shine + go capture the spotlight!

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