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I don't know about you, but throughout the first year of my business - I tried every single system out there.

Wordpress, Squarespace, domain hosts, design softwares, payment tools, online course hosts, social media schedulers, Dropbox...you name it, I had it. And, for awhile, it's easy to just charge it to your credit card + think, "This isn't a problem! In a few months I'll be making more money + won't have to think about it!". Then, a year later, you're in tears trying to pay off all the debt you've racked up.

I told you I've been there ;)

I want to save you time + more importantly, I want to save you money.

So, from the gal who has done it ALL, let me break down for you the 5 top tools I now use to run my business that cost me $197/mo. {I'll detail what I USED to use + pay in another blog post}.



Some of my students had mentioned Kajabi in the past, but I didn't really understand who they were or how they could solve any of my problems. 

I was in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho with my family - sitting down with my expenses  + breaking down in tears because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make all of my monthly payments that week. Can you relate?

With a 100 pound iron in my gut, I signed up for the free trial* + tested it out.

At first, it confused me because my brain wasn't used to understanding layouts in this new way, but I quickly started understanding! {The 24/7 live chat blew me away too!} I was so excited at the fact that I could easily create multiple offers for the same product + quickly combine products together.

I haven't migrated my email responder over to them yet, but they now house my landing pages, sales pages, blog, products + membership!

Did I mention it's only $134/mo? Compared to the $297/mo I was paying with my other system, this was an immediate relief to my bank account + my sanity!



 This is the email responder I signed up for YEARS ago when it absolutely first came out. I remember hearing Nathan Barry on a podcast + signing up a few days after the software had launched!

ConvertKit does a great job of segmenting my list, making broadcasts/sequences super easy + most importantly, handling the GDPR very easily within their system. It's one of the best software's to locate where people live, which I was very much impressed with.

It's somewhat affordable - starting at $29/mo.

Try it out here.*



 First of all, Planoly does have a free option!

I have some team members currently, so I needed to upgrade + pay $15/mo. This makes Instagram SO much more manageable for me. Being able to see my posts in a grid format, have detailed analytics + the ability to add 30 hashtags in a click? Sold. Then the ability to schedule them + have them auto-post? I'm super sold!



This is the king of social media content planning.

This is how I get my content published hands-free on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter + even Instagram. 

I love being able to create a month's worth of content, upload it + know it can recycle itself over + over again.

Plus, at $14/mo, I think it's a steal!

Try it out here.*



 So, as an avid podcaster {The Visible Entrepreneur is currently wrapping up its second season!}, I have tried every software known to man! I started with Squarespace, then moved to Blubrry, then moved to Lisbyn.

I finally found Buzzsprout.

It literally is the easiest platform I've ever used. It was a one-click import for them to get all of my past episodes, they automatically send it everywhere on every platform imaginable. It even lets you create audio graphics for free!

And it's only $12/mo. Insane.

Try it out here + get $20 for trying them!



I remember finding GSuite at Megan Minn's recommendation a year + a half ago! I was so sick + tired of paying a crazy amount of money for DropBox + I also didn't want to carry tons of drives with me everywhere I went.

#disclaimer I still back everything up to a physical hard drive because I don't totally trust Google either. My Dad's a prepper + an assistant director...you bet your buns I was raised always having back up plans!

GSuite is $10/mo, but it holds all of your google materials under your domain. And it's a lot cheaper than just having Drive. I haven't run out of storage yet! {And with all of my videos, that's saying something!}


These are the 5 software's I've used to keep my expenses down to $197 a month!

There are of course other programs I use that are free, which I'll detail in another blog post.

So, for less than what I was paying for 1 software, I now get 5! How cool is that? It has been such a breath of fresh air - especially during the leaner months!

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means I passionately endorse + personally use a product + am referring it to you. If you choose to purchase, I may receive a commission from it.


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