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Want to know the 6 Tips I Used To Get Booked On Podcasts Easily when I was first building up my visibility?

In this post, I'll share the top tips I used to book interviews on EOFire, The Angie Lee Show, Selling In A Skirt, I Am CEO + more!

Let's do it!




#1 Mission Statement

I went over this a few blogs ago, but your captivating Mission Statement will do more for your visibility than you could ever imagine.
Whenever I get up on stage, I have one sentence to grab the audience's attention in the introduction.
When my podcast airs, I have one sentence to do the same.
The same with TV. The same with Summits. The same with EVERYTHING.
This is the most vital sentence of your business life.
So stop throwing it away!

The formula for a great Mission Statement is as follows:
"I'm a {title} who helps {ideal client} {result, result, result} through {signature offering}."

I'm a Visibility Expert who helps online CEO's become celebrities in their niche through skyrocketing their visibility, launching their unique show strategy + starting to landing press for their brand through the Hollywood techniques in the Visibility Lounge.
That's what grabs people's attention.
A simple formula that highlights who I can help my viewer become.
This Mission Statement helps them see themselves in the future. It helps them dream. It helps them hope.
And that's what will book you on a Podcast.


#2 Brand Video


I've said it once + I'll say it again.

Create a brand video NOW!

When you're submitting as an actor, director, writer or even production designer to a film project, you send something called a "reel". 

This is a video representation of your work.

2 minutes of footage to show your talent, skill + expertise.

This helps the studio decide on who to hire.

It's the same with podcasts!

Your face may never be shown to their audience, but it SHOULD be to your interviewer!

Why not save them time scouring the web trying to find out who you are?

A quick link to your brand video will show you at your best, show your personality, your mission, your heart.

That's what will book you the podcast.



#3 Doing Your Research

99.9% of the pitches I get from people wanting to guest on my podcast go in the trash folder.
Well, normally, I can see the title of my show copy + pasted into the email. Boo.
I can also always tell that they've done zero research on the show. They just want the visibility I can provide.
And that's nasty.
There's a wonderful term called mutual benefit that I ride or die by.
That both parties get rewarded tremendously by a partnership.
A very foreign concept to most people nowadays.
Because it's instinct to be on the hunt for publicity + to just jump from lillypad to lillypad, getting the features you want + jumping to the next thing.
PLEASE don't build your visibility like this. It's a road to destruction.
Instead, do the research of the show you'd like to have the honor of guesting on. Even if they have zero listeners right now.
When you figure out who the host really is, what they really want + who they want to help, you'll be the best interview they've ever had.
Because you'll work hard for them.
 It isn't too challenging. Keep track of what you've learned in your project management software, then craft your pitch with what you know about the show.
That will book you the podcast.
Here are some podcasts I've guested on over the past year: {Including Entrepreneur Now, BareNaked Bravery + CEO Vibes}


#4 A Strong Takeaway

It is NOT your interviewer's job to figure out what to talk about.
It's also not their job to know your strengths. To ask the right questions. To even guide the conversation.
That's your job!!
It's important to know the 1 thing you can give an audience that no one else can.
This will grow with time, but there's no reason to change what you talk about for at least 10-15 podcast appearances.
It's like public speaking -- laser in on your signature talk for a year.
So figure out that one thing you're absolutely brilliant at.
For me, it was color. The way I look at color is unlike anyone in the world.
So, knowing that every listener would take out their earbuds after hearing me to see their brand colors in a totally different way?
That's the takeaway.
That's why, when I pitched EOFire totally blind {zero connections, favors, or dollars to my name}, I got the interview.
Be specific, be actionable, be unique.
That will book you the podcast.
Check out my interview on EOFIRE:


#5 A Good Pitch {via email}

I get pm's + dm's all day long. It drives me nuts.
I don't use that space to book guests, I do it through my email so either myself or my assistant can review it on the days we have set aside to do that.
That's not necessarily every host's system, but I'm sure it's at least 80%. Especially if a show has been on for awhile.
Remember, you don't have a huge name yet.
So it's not exciting to get a pitch dm in their inbox from you.
What your goal is - is doing everything right to book the spot. Relationship-building will come later.
Take your time crafting your email pitch template.
Go over it at least 20 times + cut out something.
Remember, the pitch shouldn't be longer than 10 sentences.
They don't need to see your life story, your tella novella, your novel.
All they need to know is why your interview will benefit their audience like nothing they've ever had before.
And that lands with a well thought out, specific, actionable pitch.

To recap, there are 5 tips I learned to get booked on podcasts easily {without a big resume!}...mission statement, brand video, research, strong takeaway + a good pitch.


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Do you feel more confident using these strategies to book podcast interviews? Will you put one of these into action tomorrow?

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