brand color psychology Feb 18, 2019


Want to know how I was able to use my Brand Colors to attract subscribers + sales pretty effortlessly?

In this post, I'll share the biggest secret in our industry.

The power of color.



And to put a cherry on top, you should take my free color quiz where we'll discover your perfect brand color!



 #1 Discover Your Signature Brand Color

It still blows me away - even speaking on stages in front of hundreds of established little they've thought about the intention behind their brand color.
Because, remember, your brand color has zero to do with you.
It's all about support your client/audience with their biggest struggle + need.
A few months after speaking at Kamila Gornia's Heart Behind Hustle Event, I saw two attendees take my message to heart + totally rebrand.
Tiffani Purdy chose yellow to help her clients see themselves successfully in the future + wake up their innate strengths.
Bianca Pennington chose red to wake up women's inner sensuality + positive self-image.
These women were always amazing + talented. And they were already making consistent revenue before the event.
But, now that they've crystallized the color that draws in their ideal client, do you see the allure?
They've used color to up their "draw in factor" by wearing these strong colors.
It's so incredibly powerful.
Color has meaning.
So, remember, your brand color will have meaning.
It can feel confusing figuring out brand color psychology, but I can easily help you with that. And choosing a brand color isn't as complicated as it sounds.
So, dive into your client's true needs + desires. Understand their biggest blocks.
Then build your brand color around THEM, not yourself.
If you need some help with this, take my color class to get started.

#2 Branded Photoshoot


It's time, friend.

You've put off your professional photoshoot for way too long.

This is how you'll pull the pieces of your amazing business together into a strong, cohesive brand the world can see.

So stop putting this on the backburner. Let's put you out there so your clients will flow to your effortlessly, yes?

Take photos wearing your primary brand color.

People ask me all the time if location matters. Honestly? Not at all.

It doesn't matter where you're at - as long as you have your color strong.

I always recommend putting yourself together for a photoshoot. Get presentable. {Remember, the camera will augment your features, so that's why using foundation is important so you don't look all shiny}

If you feel like your brand is urban + new age, great! You may want to take your photos in front of a graffiti wall wearing a bright color + a strong lip.

If you feel like your brand is more about ease + comfort, cool. A rustic cabin may be the perfect interior with you in softer colors + more natural makeup.

You may not see this as important, but your client needs to feel at ease when they see you.

Whether it's coming to you for empowerment as a life coach or direction as a workflow manager, they need to "get" you instantly from your photographs.

That way, they'll be more apt to make that buying decision with less "touch points".



#3 Your Client's Journey

I need you to think of color as a subconscious support of your audience.
The net beneath the trapeze.
So, as your viewer turns into a subscriber -- your color supports them.
As they peruse your sales page -- your color supports them.
For example, let's look at my client's journey when they go into my TEDx funnel.
They start with opting in to my TEDx challenge.
The landing page weaves red throughout as I want them to feel empowered, creative + like they can actually book TEDx.
They trust me with their email + sign up.
Then, I want them to take my TEDx Course.
That same red is weaved into every email, the sales page, etc.
Because I'm cheerleading them every step of the way with the fact that I know they can do this. They CAN book a TEDx talk.
So how can you take your primary brand color + place it strategically throughout your client's journey?


 To recap, there are 3 strategic ways you can present your brand to attract more subscribers + sales...your primary brand color, a branded photoshoot + weaving color into your client's journey.



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