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Want to know the 4 Tips To Improving The Visibility Of Your Brand Online so it attracts your audience like a lighthouse?

In this post, I'll share the top lessons I've learned that make my brand stand out like crazy.

Let's do it!




#1 Take Your Brand Colors Seriously

When I first got started in the online space, I was a life coach that thought my favorite color would make the perfect brand color.
And yet, month after month went by with zero traction on my site or my posts in Facebook groups.
I was so frustrated. I was doing everything the 'guru's' said to do, why wasn't it working?
That's when I decided to dive into what I'd learned from my career in film/tv in regards to branding.
I combined that with what I'd learned in natural healing with hormone producing glands + what colors meant to specific parts of the body.
When I brought those lessons back into my brand color, everything changed.
All of sudden, it wasn't about colors I liked anymore.
It was about what colors meant to my audience, not myself + how I could subconsciously attract + support them just by using it.
Being strategic with your brand colors will change everything because it will alter the foundational aspects of your business.
  • Your brand message
  • Your products
  • Your price points
I dare you to put intention into your brand colors + see what happens as a result.
I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do it -- and everything changed.
NEED HELP? Watch the video below if you need help understanding the power of color + how it can affect those around you:


#2 Do The Darn Photoshoot Already



When I go to someone's homepage + don't see clear, high resolution, branded photos, I want to scream.

Doing a photoshoot is one of the cheapest things you can do in your business that will give you the biggest return.

You can do a branded photoshoot for $500 + have material for your:

  • Website
  • Sales Pages
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Cover Photos
  • Press Kit
  • Podcast
  • Online Summit
  • Live Events

Want me to keep going?

There's no reason to not have this done if you're running a business --- whether it's month one or year five.

And honestly? It's not about the money.

My hubby + I used to offer $250 photoshoots in Los Angeles for entrepreneurs...guess how many took us up on it?


Yep. Out of hundreds of entrepreneurs in LA or nearby who claimed they desperately needed photos but couldn't afford it, only 3 took us up on our crazy low-priced offer.

Did I mention my husband worked on tv shows like "Justified", "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders", "Forever", "Bones", "Love" + "House Of Lies"? 

There is no good reason to avoid showcasing what you teach at your very best.

And combining professional photos with your powerful brand color? A recipe for perfection!

Take a gander at some entrepreneurs we've supported with their brand color + photoshoot:

Photoshoots are powerful + one of the best ways to attract people wherever they see you online.

I remember showing up to my first entrepreneur event + being recognized because of my photos wearing my signature blue!

Struggling with finding your strength? I've been there. The video below may be just what you need to discover how powerful you truly are.



#3 A Brand Video

I remember getting the email a random Tuesday from Jazmine Graza asking to come on her YouTube show.
She had seen my brand video + said it was so powerful that she wanted to share my story. {She's such an amazing spirit - with over 12k subscribers!}
I was so, so excited as I hadn't done anything to attract this type of opportunity --- except a brand video.
And I've talked to huge influencers who still haven't put one together.
You need to trust me on this one...a brand video is your biggest tool to landing opportunities you'd never qualify for normally.
And, if you've never put one together, I highly recommend jumping into the Visibility Lounge to get that training + personal feedback from me.
My brand video has gone on to book me:
  • Podcasts
  • Magazine features
  • Summits
  • Speaking gigs

Take the time to put this together + I promise, your story strengths will outshine any "logo" you may be lacking on your resume!

If you'd like to see the video Jazmine + I did together, check it out below!!


#4 A Mission Statement That Makes Jaws Drop

In my community, I hit on Mission Statements all the time.
Why? Because they're always, always too general. 
I want my community to book visibility + press, so I want them to have the best chance.
And that starts with describing who they are + what they do.
It's ok if you don't have big 'credentials' yet. Showcase what you do have.
For example, if you're a wellness expert, you may be tempted to say this:
"I'm a wellness coach who helps women step into their confidence, get healthier + live a happier lifestyle."
I've heard this one at least 12 times in the last year.
No one will be attracted to working with you with this Mission Statement.
Let's build a stronger one, ok?
"I'm a plant-based wellness expert who helps women with adrenal fatigue heal their adrenals naturally, get off their medication + have energy that lasts all day through my one on one sessions."
Which coach would you book a call with?

Your Mission Statement is your leverage.

When someone sees mine...

{Michelle Lewis is an Amazon best-selling author, podcast host and founder of The Celebrity CEO Method. She teaches online CEO’s how to skyrocket their visibility, launch their unique show strategy and start landing press for their brand through Hollywood techniques in the Visibility Lounge. She has been featured on Entrepreneur On Fire, TEDx Tarrytown, The Huffington Post, Medium and Buzzfeed.}

They want to know more. They want my help. They want my teachings.

They trust me.

Branding is all about building trust - not making your audience work to get to know you.
And doing these 4 simple things will build that quickly in their eyes.
I can't wait to see what you create!

To recap, there are 4 ways you can improve the visibility of your brand online...strong brand colors, a photoshoot, brand video + mission statement.



If you want to be a successful CEO, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Celebrity CEO class so I can teach you how to become a star in your niche in 90 days sprints.


Comment below: What element of branding are you going to inject into your business? What's the finish date you have in mind?

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