What To Do If You Hate Your Brand Color {and look even worse wearing it}...

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Today we’re going to talk about what to do if you hate your brand color. You may have gone through the Color Quiz and the Color Masterclass, and decided on the color that would be best for your ideal client, but now you hate it. And that’s okay! We’re going to talk about what to do if you are struggling with your brand color choice and/or you look horrible in the color, and how to resolve these things so you can still attract your ideal client without feeling gross.

If you are not sure what I’m talking about and you haven’t yet figured out the perfect brand color for you (based on your ideal client’s biggest emotional need) then I highly recommend taking the Color Quiz. It’s a quick breakdown and will give you good insight into what your primary brand color should be. I’ve incorporated a lot of different strategies into this 2-minute quiz, and I think you will enjoy taking it.

We will discuss:

  • Are you repulsed by your brand color?
  • Focus on your ideal client's primary emotional need
  • Adjust the tone of the primary brand color
  • Make your primary color a secondary color in your brand photoshoot
  • Let color psychology work for you






So let’s say you have gone through the material, and now you’re struggling with your brand color. To be honest, the ones I hear about the most are yellow or orange. People say they don’t resonate with these colors at all, and they look terrible wearing them. They don’t know what to do. My response is, first, you need to spend time with that color. 

This is where I’m going to get into a bit of color medicine. If we have a repulsion to a color (I used to be repulsed by orange!) it’s usually because it is a color that our body needs. We are often deprived of that very color. We are not absorbing enough of that light frequency to address whatever is going on in the body, so it’s really important to spend more time with that color.

I have read studies where women wear orange while they are having cramps and they experience a reduction in their pain. Orange can be associated with use in color light therapy as a pain reliever. You can spend time with your color by using a stone, a t-shirt, a sweater, some pants, some shoes, a piece of artwork, or anything else you can surround yourself with to truly see how it makes you feel. 

Let’s say it has been winter and you haven’t been out in the sunlight. If you take the quiz and get yellow or orange and you feel repulsed, I encourage you to spend more time in the sun. Your body needs to absorb some of those light frequencies. I have had people resist their primary brand color but decide to follow through with using orange or yellow, and their audience is just in love with the color and they sell out their programs. After a couple months, they will often come back and tell me that they are in love with the color. 



The next thing I want you to do is go back into another deep dive with your ideal client. Figure out if this is truly what their biggest emotional need is when they see your brand. Maybe you thought it was hope, but in reality it is motivation, balance, finding their true voice, feeling safe and comforted, or wanting to feel inspired. Really narrowing down that key emotion can ensure that you have chosen the correct primary brand color. Sometimes what we think they need is not truly what they need.



Now, if you have all those boxes checked - you know you have chosen the right color and you have worn it and surrounded yourself with it - but you still aren’t in love with it, what can you do? Well, remember, you are about 10% of the equation in your primary brand color. That 10% comes through in tonal color harmony, or the actual shade of the color. So, your next step would be to go through all the different color families and figure out what tone you want. If the color is orange, you could use a burnt orange, a vibrant orange, a warm, lighter orange, or an icy, strong orange. Start looking through those hex codes and figuring out a tone that resonates with you. This is the aspect where it is all about you and your personality.

If you need my eyes on your brand, I’m more than happy tot take a look at your color palette. You can drop it in The Visible Entrepreneur Facebook group so that we can strategize about it. I have found time and time again that people who go through this process really warm up to a color even if they initially disliked it. Different shades can really turn things around. For example, you could go into more of a coral family rather than a strong orange. If the color is blue, you could go into more of a teal family. There are so many options, so don’t close the door if you don’t like the overall color. Put in the time and effort, remembering that this is your business. This is your brand, and the goal is to use this color to attract as many people as possible who are the perfect fit for what you offer. 

At the end of the day, if someone continues to resist their primary brand color, I have to point them toward Donald Miller’s Story Brand because you are NOT the hero of your brand - your ideal client is. We have to do what is going to resonate most with them, and not necessarily with us. What we can do, however, is find the tones and shades that we fall in love with and that make us feel proud of our brands.



Last but not least, you can also make your primary brand color more of a secondary color in your brand photoshoot. That is an option, if that appeals to you. I hope, though, that you are more excited now to move forward with your brand color. I know I’m excited to support you!



If you want to do more in-depth study on tonal color harmony, ideal client analysis, building your brand palette, or integrating that into a photoshoot and your website, I would love to have you book a Color Analysis session with me. This is where I put all the color psychology goodness. It’s where you’re going to find the perfect brand strategy for yourself, that will allow you can launch or relaunch to your audience. Start letting this color psychology work for you to bring in more conversions.

In the meantime, it’s so wonderful to chat with you about color today - especially if your primary brand color isn’t the one that resonates most with you. Please feel free to share this episode with a friend if you know they have been struggling in this department.



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