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Today we are talking about color personalities.  Every time I chat about color personalities, people get so excited.  When figuring out your color scheme, I’ve found that it is just as important to analyze your personality as it is your ideal clients’ personality.  The perfect blend of both will help you come to the best decision.

I’m sharing the four main color personality types so that you can start getting your brain juices flowing and getting excited about this concept.  Sometimes when people are having a really hard time with their color, I find it’s because they don’t really understand themselves well enough.  They are unsure about their strengths, their teaching style, or how they relate to their ideal clients.

This is going to be a lot of fun! Before we dive in, I highly recommend taking the color quiz if you haven’t already.  Your results will help you to understand if you are on the right track or if you need to do some rebranding.  It will give you some clarity, and it will only take you two minutes.

We will discuss:

  • Color personalities theory
  • Color psychology and branding





This is Carl Jung’s theory on color personalities, if you want to look it up in more detail.  I have included a graphic for your convenience here.

Specifically, I want you to look at the four psychological primaries: red, blue, green, and yellow.  Each of those colors hits the body in a unique way.  As we know, we are multidimensional creatures.  Specific tones of color, scientifically, are frequencies of light that hits aspects of the self in different ways physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally.  This is a fascinating phenomenon in color medicine.  You can do incredible things with color.  Certain people may wear certain colors during the week to give them energy, motivation, connection, or peace.  It’s fun when you get more into this concept, because you’ll notice your daily choices changing. For example, If I’m going to meet someone new at a coffee shop, I’m most likely going to wear purple because it’s the color of relationships.  It will help them to feel more connected to me.

Let’s go over the four main color personality types:

Red: If you are a red personality, you are more assertive strong-willed, purposeful, bold, decisive, and driven.  If you have a more naturally aggressive and bold personality, you are most likely a red. Someone who has a red personality is more on the extroverted and thinking side of things. There’s nothing wrong with any of these types - I’m a red!

Blue: If you are a blue personality, you are more on the introverted and thinking side of things - kind of like the other side of the red coin.  People with blue personalities tend to be a bit more analytical, objective, detached, unbiased, formal, cautious, precise, deliberate, and questioning.

I will say, I feel like I’m kind of between red and blue.  I’m a bit more assertive.  If you are somewhat emotionally detached, meaning your emotions don’t come into play a ton when making decisions and you prefer to gather all the information, you likely tend toward the blue personality.

Green: Introverted and feeling people fall within the green personality.  They are more still, tranquil, calming, soothing, caring, encouraging, sharing, patient, and relaxed.

Yellow: Extroverted and feeling people fall within the yellow personality.  They are more sociable, dynamic, outgoing, demonstrative, enthusiastic, cheerful, uplifting, spirited, and persuasive. 

We have more of this powerhouse in the red, that is extroverted and thinking.  The blue is more intellectual, being thinking and introverted.  Green is caring and warm as the feeling introvert.  Finally, yellow is the more emotional and outgoing extrovert.

I know that’s a lot of information.  What I want you to do is figure out your dominant color.  People will often go through this and say they are a mixture of two or three, but for the purposes of this exercise you need to pick one.  We all have aspects of these, but you need to pick the one that suits you best.

If you have been marketing your business, for example, as yellow (light, optimistic, cheerful, and outgoing) but you’re really more of a blue (intellectual and introverted), there is going to be a natural problem with your brand.




Next, we need to talk about identifying our ideal clients’ color.  If we think they are reds, but they are actually greens, our marketing is going to suffer.

Branding and color psychology work hand in hand, as the foundation to then lay your house.  The building blocks are visibility, and then publicity.  We have to get this right, because this is the core of our visual presence.  In order to get that right, we have to understand ourselves and our ideal clients really well. We need to identify the primary color for ourselves and for them.

Now, if you think you are red and your clients are yellow, that doesn’t mean that your branding colors should be red and yellow. This practice is more for you to start understanding your and your clients’ powerful, innate gifts. 

When I did this, I thought I was more of a blue. I showed the list to the closest people in my life, and they told me I am definitely a red.  So sometimes we need an outside perspective to get a little bit more clarity.

My ideal clients of course contain a mixture of these traits, but if I had to choose one I would probably say yellow.  I tend to attract people who, once they get these keys, their business explodes because they are naturally more outgoing with their visibility.  Once we tweak a couple things and get some of their tech organized, then they’re off like a racehorse. 

This exercise is to help you understand yourself and your ideal clients a little bit more.  As you go through the process of answering these different questions about yourself and about them, you will have some good stuff to pull from.

If you’re just getting started in your business, or pivoting your business, I recommend looking for people who you think would be ideal clients and talking to them.  You need to get them on calls and get to know them.  Don’t just send them the picture of the four color personalities and ask them what they are, because sometimes people don’t know or they don’t conceptualize themselves accurately.  We want to make sure these color selections are as accurate as possible, and figuring this out now will help you as we move forward in this season of The Visible Entrepreneur.


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