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I get it. You're ready to start rocking your livestreams + want to know exactly how to make your quality the best.

In this post, I'll share the top things you need to make that happen.





#1 Quality Improver: A High Quality Camera

There are 3 things that can kill a movie: bad lighting, bad sound + bad video quality.
Nathan + I will be watching a movie with huge stars...and the focus isn't on the actor's eye, it's on their nose. HUGE mistake. People get fired for that.
So why do we think our livestreams are any different? We have to look good. And that means a high quality camera.
The Iphone is high quality...but it can all go to hell if Facebook is only uploading at 480 instead of 720. 
That's why it's so powerful [and reassuring} to have something that records in 1080 like the Logitech C930.
Then, you know that - even if Facebook is slow that day - you'll be getting a clearer picture than your phone or, heaven forbid, your laptop could provide.

#2 Quality Improver: A Great Microphone 



You know how annoying it is when your friend calls you + is walking down the street on speakerphone? After about 30 seconds of trying to yell over the car noise, you've had enough + get off that call asap.

 The same applies to your audience. They hate hearing all the background noise + low quality audio.

It can be as simple as plugging in your Iphone headphones {and keeping your hair off the mic}, or going more pro with something like the Blue Yeti.

Whatever you decide, know that audio is JUST as important as video, so it needs your time + attention.





#3 Quality Improver: Good Lighting

The best camera in the world will make me look absolutely awful if it doesn't have the right lighting.
Have you ever done a quick livestream in your house, only to delete it because it looked absolutely terrible? Your face suddenly looks orange or green + you're screaming "why?!".
Let's fix that.
You don't need to know a ton about this, but there are two types of color temperatures when you're lighting...
  • Warm
  • Cold

For being on-camera, you want to stay in the cooler color temperatures. That's why overhead lighting looks so bad...because it's almost always a warm-temperature bulb. {Hello orange/yellow faced monster!}

You can easily switch to cold in 2 simple ways.


1. You can shoot your livestreams while facing a window. 


Natural lighting is always best. Find a time of day where the light looks really nice {not beating in on your face through the window}. This will keep you + your background looking fresh, clean + professional.


2. You can create your own lighting setup.


All you need is a white china ball + a cool color temperature bulb. I used this setup for years + it worked famously! Put the china bulb either to the left or right of your webcam, turn off your overhead light + flip it on. The lighting will be nice + soft -- a great look for any livestream!





#4 Quality Improver: A Nice Background

Without a good production designer, a movie/tv show would die.

You need to believe that you're in a different world.
For example, we were shooting on stage in a set that was supposed to be an office on the 30th floor.
Can you imagine if we had no backdrop behind the windows? Just a random grip waving? Disaster.
That's why we bring in huge backdrops to put behind the windows {taken with special equipment so they can actually appear to have other offices with lights on, etc.}
Even with some very simple touches, you can make your backdrop more appealing to keep people's eyes at ease when they're watching your livestreams.
Clean your space.
For me, I don't use a specific backdrop. I'm happy with you seeing my office just as it is. But it's clean!
If you like your current background, keep it picked up + tidy. Keep the doors closed. Make it presentable just as if someone was coming by your place in person. 
Decorate your wall.
Sometimes, the only space we have available is a wall. Even though a deeper depth of field is always preferable, you have to work with what you've got!
Put up some simple decorations like photos + a shelf. Put a bit of your branding in it if you can.
Small touches make a big difference!
Bring in a backdrop.
You can also go Hollywood style + bring in an actual backdrop. A curtain, a chalkboard, a whiteboard.
Find a backdrop that reflects your brand + needs. Give it a try!



#5 Quality Improver: Brand Recognition

I've gotten more known in the entrepreneur industry by doing things I used to do for television.
One of those things is color psychology. {Check out my TEDx talk on it here}
I'll never forget walking into my first entrepreneurial event -- and the host recognizing me because I was wearing my brand color. So freaking cool.
And that's exactly what I want you to build. Brand Recognition.
If you haven't decided on your official primary brand color, here's a quiz that might help.
Otherwise, you better be wearing it every time you livestream, record a video or get interviewed!
This will help you get recognized, attract your ideal client + support their decision to invest with you.


To recap, there are 5 ways you can easily improve the quality of your livestreams...video, sound, lighting, backdrop + brand recognition.


If you want to be a successful livestreamer, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Comfy On Camera Challenge so I can teach you how to become more confident livestreaming in 5 days.


Comment below: What is the easiest thing you can work on to improve the quality of your livestreams?

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