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Want to know the #1 tool I use to host EVERYTHING {my website, emails, courses, payments, affiliate center, offers??}?

In this post, I'll break down my favorite software I've ever used that literally does it all: KAJABI.

Let's dive in!





It was July, 2018. I was up at the lake house in Idaho, stressing about the $297 that was coming out of my bank account in a week for my next Clickfunnels payment.
I sat down to write out all of my expenses, having put it off for way to long.
Clickfunnels: $297/mo
Clickfunnels Membership: $67/mo
Vimeo: $9/mo
Gsuite: $12/mo
Lisbyn: $20/mo
ConvertKit: $49/mo
Podcast on Squarespace: $25/mo
Calendly: $15/mo
$494. To more established entrepreneurs, this expense is laughable. For me at the time? Painful.
My hubby + I had committed to cutting up our credit cards, reducing every cost possible, so we could get out debt faster. That meant there was no magic wand coming to save me.
And, having made the huge jump to Clickfunnels a year earlier, it was costing me more than I'd ever paid before + I was having more problems, like:
  • Having multiple logins for multiple products, constantly confusing my students
  • Longggg page load times
  • A confusing affiliate portal {for me + my affiliates}
  • Website crashes
  • A not-so-cute membership layout for my Visibility Lounge, discouraging students from logging in
  • Ever-increasing wait times to talk to support
I had heard about Kajabi from friends like Angie Lee + Haley Burkhead, but I didn't want to move again!
After trying Wordpress, Squarespace, Teachable + now Clickfunnels, my head was ready to explode.
But I knew this was the right move -- deep in my gut.
And to make this happen in one week before my next Clickfunnels payment made me want to start napping, hard. :D
I made the jump. I signed up for Kajabi.



The gang's all here.

It was honestly a huge relief to move everything over to one place. I got to upload all of the course/membership video's natively inside of Kajabi since they work with Wistia.

No need to deal with Vimeo + embed codes.

One login for my students to access my content...from my visibilityvixen.com homepage!!

24/7 support to help me along the way.

It felt like a 1,000 pound anvil had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I felt like I could breathe.

And my monthly costs went from $497 to $157. WHAT?!

I wanted to fly around my house like Superwoman -- knowing my students were happier + I was under less of a financial elephant made me feel the most free I had since starting my business.


Want a Kajabi Walkthrough?? Awesome. I just so happen to have one right here.



There were some setbacks along the way.
  • Kajabi integrated domains through Cloudflare.
  • Their affiliate program was a one-time payout.
  • There was a /p/ for every page outside of the homepage.
I'm not the one at the coffee shop who can just sit there politely while someone is talking/screaming into the phone or making a mess. I always speak up.
And I spoke up with Kajabi.
Here's what impressed me. Within 30-60 days of each complaint {while also explaining what should be fixed + why it would improve their customer's businesses}, it was resolved.
The company actually cared to make their product better.
That meant everything to me. I'm a fiercely loyal person...so if you help me, I will endlessly be loyal.

Kajabi is down for change. So I'm down.


To recap, Kajabi is the tool I'm so grateful I moved to. It hosts almost everything in my business + continues to grow, improve + shine as the best all-in-one software for online business owners on the market.




Comment below: What are some costs you think can be streamlined in your business with Kajabi?

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