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Want to know the Livestreaming Formula I use that guarantees ROI I discovered a little over a year ago?

In this post, I'll share my livestreaming strategies.

Let's dive in!




#1 A Clear Headline

"I just broke up with my boyfriend". Literally the title of a livestream I saw this morning. What?!
I have no clue if it was click bait, or if the person literally wanted all of her Facebook friends to know about her breakup. 
Either way? No.
If you're a business owner, your livestream has to be exciting, actionable or entertaining.
I remember when my friend Angie started a live with "What I would tell Mark Zuckerburg if we were in bed together"
You can bet your buns I tuned in to that live!
We don't have to have all of our live titles as bold as that, but we sure need to put some thought + intention into our titles.
BAD TITLE: "Get Seen"
GOOD TITLE: "How To Get Started Booking Press Opportunities!"
GREAT TITLE: "How To Land That Podcast Interview In 24 Hours"
This is a work in progress. Just today I did a live with the "good title" above. It could have been better! 
But, over time, your titles will get stronger + stronger.
Some good examples that I've used in the past are...
  • "Why Authenticity Is Killing Your Visibility"
  • "How To Combine All Of Your Business Tasks Into One Software In 24 Hours"
  • "Why You Hear Crickets After Submitting To Podcasts + How To Fix It"
Specific. Actionable. Entertaining.
So, for your next livestream, start with your rough title.
Re-write it to be more specific.
Then re-write it again.
See what happens -- I bet it will be a much more powerful title!
Plus, I want you to let me know the title in the comments -- I'd love to see it! 
NEED HELP? Watch the video below if you need with livestreaming confidently:

#2 Create 3 Talking Points



No one likes a ship without a rudder.

And, sadly, this is what most livestreams have become.

A lot of Actor + Writer Personality Types have no problem going live, but since there's no plan, it can become a verbal disaster of rambling, silence or just plain confusion.

Not your fault!

We all need a plan if we're going to be guiding others, and guiding others is the entire purpose of our livestreams, right?

So sketch out 3 major talking points under your title.

Your audience needs to see the direction this is going.

Plus, your replay viewers will have a much higher chance of tuning in if they know what's happening.

I can't tell you how many replay viewers have taken action on my livestreams months later because they can see exactly what I'm teaching.


So the more time you put into planning this amazing livestream, the more your audience will trust you as their leader.

Remember, your client/student needs to see your gorgeous face at least 7-10 times before officially committing.

So let's present ourselves with strength each time we livestream.




#3 A Clear, Actionable CTA


"You can join my newsletter by going to www dot __________ dot com. Bye!"
No. No no no.
I've seen dozens of livestreams that end with a generic, spoken call to action.
Is it a surprise when no one joins their newsletter? NOPE.
Because it didn't put your audience first. It didn't make it easy to join. It was too much work.
So - instead - let's give a strong, clear call to action.
"If you want to learn the beginning steps to discovering your signature talk, I'd love for you to join my TEDx Challenge! I'll help you discover, shape + strategize so you can book TEDx faster."
This is literally the text I use beneath the talking points.
And it works like crazy.
Because I hit them twice.
First, with the verbal CTA, then with the written.
However you learn best, I've got you.
However you take action best, I've got you.
Our job is to make our audience's lives easier so they'll become our students.
If you're struggling with livestreaming equipment, the video below will be a great help!


To recap, there are 3 pivotal aspects to hosting a powerhouse livestream that guarantees ROI...a clear headline, 3 talking points + a strong CTA.


If you want to be more visible {and make more revenue from your visibility strategy}, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Comfy On Camera Challenge so I can teach you how to become a livestreaming rockstar in 5 days.


Comment below: What will you change with your livestreams as a result of this info? I'd love to know!

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