The Number One Mindset Change You Need to Get Over Your Live Video Fear

livestreaming Sep 16, 2019


Want to know the number one mindset change you need to get over your live video fear so you can start livestreaming with confidence?

In this post, I'll share how I've overcome this huge fear with a simple switch of my thoughts.




Understand That You Are Wounded

Don't worry, this is not a unique truth. We all have wounds.
Whether you were bullied in second grade or had a very oppressive boss, we all have incurred wounds throughout our lifetime.
We were told that we were not enough.
Too fat, too small, too geeky, too tom-boyish, too outgoing, too shy...the list goes on and on of why we are inadequate.
I'd even venture to say that our biggest wounds come before the age of 6 when we're in something called "Theta State". That means we're in a receptive state of taking in the world around us...before growing the necessary hormones and chemicals to differentiate good from bad.
So, if you get hit with a wound young, you would scientifically accept it as true. Right?
What that person {brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, friend} about us must be true.
And then we try to build a life on it.
I know this seems like a much more psychological take on livestreaming fear than you've probably ever heard before, but I've found it to help people overcome this fear so much faster.
Because a simple "mindset hack", like affirmations, may work for a week...but then we'll go back to the same fears and patterns.
It's just how the brain's designed.

But if we can get to the bottom root of what started our insecurity in the first place and correct it, we have a much stronger chance of actually changing who we are. 
Because we understand that the lie isn't true.
And that gives us permission to change the rest that came after.

So What's The Lie?

This might look like a cute picture, but the truth behind it isn't.

I was on my second year of bed rest. This little twin bed was my entire world.

So, ignoring my physical symptoms...let's examine the wound.

What was the thought I was playing over and over again?

"I deserve illness and invisibility".

It isn't pretty, but it's the real truth of it all.

After years of bullying and growing up sick, that was the belief my brain had constructed based on the "evidence" it saw all around.

So that's the tape that would recycle over and over and over again.

Probably about 99% of my thoughts were wrapped around this core sentence.

And chances are, you have a similar core belief that is consuming your thought life.

Venture a guess?

Because once you identify this core sentence, you will then have the opportunity to re-write it.

You've probably heard the phrase THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

So, how could this bedridden girl create a life of visibility and success?

There's no way based on her thought life.

But the thoughts I have now...

"I'm an expert at visibility."

"I attract love and wealth in all aspects of my life."

"My health is my #1 priority."

That's where the magic happens. Because then I have the soil to grow all kinds of wonderful and successful things.

 The Mindset Shift


 I am visible.

This is the first sentence I ask my Comfy On Camera students to say.

Because, once we identify the wound, we have to replace it with what we want in the current tense.

Then we need to envision it -- multiple times a day.

This is why I won't have you start with doesn't alter the brain chemistry quickly enough.

Only rapid imaging techniques can do that....

So, I urge you to download 5-10 photos on your phone that are a good embodiment of what life would like like with you being more visible.

Your favorite workout.

Your dream vacation.

Your book on shelves.

Booking TEDx.

Then you need to repeat those images -- feeling that elevated state of emotion -- ten times a day.

Picturing plus emotion = a new state of being.

And, for my Joe Dispenza fans out's the quickest way to change your personality, which means changing your emotions, which means changing your thought patterns.

Once you change your thoughts, you WILL change your life.

And along with that change will come tremendous ease getting on camera, sharing your message and easily making profit from it.


To recap, there are 3 basic steps to adjusting your mindset to start overcoming your live video fear...understanding your wounded, identifying your core belief + shifted your mind with the rapid imaging technique.

If you want to get comfortable on camera ASAP, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for the Comfy On Camera Challenge so I can teach you how to start livestreaming NOW!


Comment below: What is your core negative belief? What is your new belief statement?

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