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In this blog, I'm going to walk you through how I attract new members into my membership site every single week.

With these 3 simple strategies, I have brought in new members and they STAY!!

Let's dive in.

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I've had my membership, The Visibility Lounge, for about 2 years. And I wasn't an overnight success story.

NOPE. Not one of those people who took a magical program and POOF had 300 members, was a "six figure earner" and living my best life.

And honestly? I don't think that expectation is very realistic. It's extremely rare.

I've had to bootstrap, experiment and figure out what truly works for building an engaged and successful membership. It hasn't been easy, but sticking to my gut and ignoring all of the advice out there has produced incredible results. 

Here's just a few...

  • My usual state for members leaving each month is 0%. Occasionally it's 1-2%.
  • People coming in each week rage from 2-5 members.
  • The conversion rates from my funnels into my membership hovers between 7-15%.
  • My students are engaged, learning and seeing real results by implementing my methods.

So, if you're ready to see faithful results like this, let's break it down.




The number one thing that I'm doing inside of my membership so that people are coming in every single week is I release great content.

I know that is not revolutionary, but for a lot of memberships, it is. A lot of people figure out a couple things they want to teach, they put together the videos, and that's it. And it's that way for months.

The problem with that is when you're in a membership, you want to be surprised by new content.

You want to know that the person that's the head of your community has your best interest in mind and wants to keep teaching you.

You need to have enough content inside of your membership site that students can work through it, and they're not left going, "Man, I just really wish that they would have released a couple more trainings, or would have more trainings coming out."

I have been a part of a lot of memberships myself, and a lot of the time I'm underwhelmed by the content.

If you're not going to be releasing content on a weekly or especially monthly basis, then be sure to price your membership low.

So release as much content as you can where it will benefit and excite your members.

This is the best way to keep them engaged and to attract new members to join!



Does your membership site have a funnel?

And what I mean by that is, do you have an opt in, email sequence and sales page leading into your membership?

Over the years, I have quite a few that are constantly getting eyeballs on The Visibility Lounge.

And that's why the sales page has had over 10,000 views.

Here are the current funnels I have in place that are constantly bringing in traffic:

A lot of membership creators either don't know or ignore this vital piece of membership growth.

You need to have a funnel that is really high converting and that you have out there advertising, whether it's organic, or paid advertising.

I primarily use Pinterest and it is bringing in subscribers every single day.

So I'm giving them the opt in and they're taking my webinars, they're reading through my content and being encouraged to join.

That is how you grow.

So if you don't have a funnel together, be sure to do that soon, or join the program so I can show you how I've done it and you can integrate that into your membership.

Funnels are amazing.

They create an evergreen traffic source bringing eyeballs to your membership and getting members to join without you having to worry about it too much.

So, build your funnel and get it out there via a social media platform or paid ads!




My members join a Facebook group after they join, and I am in there almost every single day answering questions.

I'm doing live streams for Office Hours once a week. I'm doing hot seats, I'm doing group coaching calls. I do not mind being in there AND being very present so that they can feel supported.

They know that there's always a place I am available to them.

And this gets them excited because they know when they post their progress after taking their first lesson they shared in the community.... I am there cheerleading them on.

This is a little bit different than a lot of the memberships out there, especially the ones that have scaled to over 200 members. It's pretty normal then for the owners to step back to outsource to their teams, which is fine, but just don't outsource too much.

People are joining the membership because of you.

They want your leadership, they want to be watching you.

There's nothing worse than joining a program and thinking that you're going to have access to that leader. And it turns out to just be their team.

So be sure that you're there. You're engaging, you're supporting them.

Even if you just have a dedicated thread to jump in and answer questions once or twice a week. Just make sure they know that you are there and you're ready to cheer them on.  



It's easy to explain all the different material to cover, but finding the right software for the job can be a nightmare.

Let me simplify it for you - choose Kajabi!! {this link gives you a 30 day trial!}

Trust me, I've tried everything: Wordpress, Squarespace, Thinkific, Teachable and Clickfunnels.

Nothing compares to the ease and organization of Kajabi.

When I made the move, I knew it was right for me.

No more jumping between email software, membership hosting, payment softwares and community.

I could have everything all in one place - and now, I can even have my students log in to The Visibility Lounge on its own app!

So here's how it breaks down:

  • Every time I add a member, they are automatically tagged with "Lounge Member" and subscribed to the pre-created Visibility Lounge email sequence to walk them through the first couple weeks of their membership.
  • They get immediate access to The Visibility Lounge product - which stores all of the training's and workbooks they can work through stage by stage.
  • A notification is sent to my Bonjoro app, so I can send them a video right away welcoming them to the membership.
  • Upon purchase, they are given the link to join the private community where I can easily add them on a daily basis.
  • I've also set it up so they can cancel their membership themselves at any time. Then the power is in their hands and is all automated, so I don't have to deal with email cancellations and manual work.

Easy, right?

I also can lock stages until one is completed. So, for example, my students have to finish Audition Stage before moving on to Guest Star.

With the automation feature, I can also send them congratulatory emails when they finish specific videos in the membership.

Do you see how robust the platform is?

It's definitely an all-in-one solution that is light years beyond what any other software offers at the moment.

So, if you want to try it free for 28 days and try building out your membership, I recommend grabbing Kajabi here. And remember, this link gives you an extra 2 weeks to the normal 14-day trial.



I know you can do incredible things with your membership. And hopefully, this breakdown has helped you see how powerful you can truly make it for your members.

I'd love to hear your biggest takeaways or any progress you've made in your membership creation process!

Let me know!





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