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Want to know how to host an online challenge that actually get leads onto your email list + converts to cash?

Cool. Because in this post, I'm sharing the top things I've done to lead successful challenges over + over + over again!

Let's do it!



And to put a cherry on top, you should register for my free challenge, Comfy On Camera, where I'll share my top secrets to getting crazy confident being visible {as well as a bts look of how I run my online challenges}!


First of all, I need you to understand that I'm not a "fad follower". Nope, I didn't do the '10 years ago' photo comparison thing on FB. I don't know how to do that new twisty dance move.
And I didn't start doing online challenges because it was the cool thing to do.
I had just completed a livestreaming course + knew I needed a strategy that used the live platform to sell the course.
It had to be an online live challenge!
That's how The Comfy On Camera Challenge was born.
But it started with a powerful product -- a course that showed people how to powerfully livestream from a-z {while busting down a lot of fears along the way}.



If you already have an offer in mind - great! You can skip to the next step.
If not, now's the time to fully conceptualize what you will be selling at the end of the challenge.
You need a sellable service or product, because the entire point of delivering this challenge live is to convert that lead that is now burning hot!
It might be:
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Course
  • Masterclass
  • Workshop
  • An Actual Physical Item
  • An Event

Whatever it may be, make sure you know exactly what you're offering + that you can DELIVER it at the end of the challenge when the customer buys.

NEED HELP? Watch the video below if you need help understanding the power of who you truly are + why you have to become more visible right now:




Now that your product is all set to go {nice job, by the way!} -- it's time to figure out what piece you'll be using for your free live challenge. 

Look at your product + brainstorm the top 3 topics/takeaways/positives of it.

So, for my livestreaming course, it was:

  • Learning livestreaming tech
  • Gaining camera confidence
  • Teaching what to say

After looking deeply at each topic, I had to figure out what was one tasty little takeaway I could teach someone brand new to this topic?

On camera confidence.

Huge pain point, the biggest block to livestreaming + a totally juicy win if I'm successful in helping them get over this fear.

The Comfy On Camera Challenge.

The same advice I'm offering to you.

Look at your product...

  • What are the three main teachable points covered?
  • Where is your customer at mentally wayyyy before they buy?
  • What are they terrified of? What is their biggest block?
  • How can you help to give them a small, tasty win?

Feel free to workshop this with a poll in the free mastermind group.




So, in total, I've hosted 3 different live online challenges to about a total - so far - of 1,500 people.
Some were 3 days, some were 5. It all depends on how much energy you have, how much content you have to teach + whether or not group interraction is needed.
The Comfy On Camera Challenge is 5 days because students have accountability to "go live" in my Facebook group daily.
The TEDx Challenge is 3 days because most of the action they take is on their own + I want to keep their attention as quickly as possible.
Once you've decided on the amount of time, you need to write out the content.
Don't overwhelm yourself, this is actually the easy part!
Write down the one takeaway you want them to have at the end of each day of the challenge.
That's it! Once you have that, you can easily decide on the action step you need them to take that day.
Then, put it together!
  • Teach what they need to know to experience your key takeaway
  • Give them the homework to implement it into their routine
 Follow this formula for each day of the challenge, then do a little dance because it turned out to be soooo much easier than you thought!
I'm dropping an example below from my Manifesting Miracles Challenge!



I'm a big fan of making my students feel like they have access to me.
And, when new subscribers sign up for a challenge, they need to get to know me as soon as possible to stay in my teaching sphere -- otherwise, they'll keep searching for the expert they need!
So I recommend injecting a live element into your online challenge.
It can be:
  • Teaching each morning of the challenge on a livestream
  • Jumping into the group after that day's lesson is delivered via email for a live q+a

I personally teach live. It works really well for my personality type {Director, also works great for Actors}. 

Whatever feels best for you. Just try to deliver your presence LIVE so your students can connect, learn + develop trust.





Don't be lazy. What I mean is that I see online challenges all the time that don't have enough work put into them.
It can be so overwhelming putting together an online challenge that it's easy to forget to put in the work.
And a huge part of that work is communicating with your students.
During a live online challenge, this is your time to really shine.
  • You have your subscriber's attention.
  • They're going to be opening your emails.
  • They will never be more open to trusting you as their teacher.
Putting together a powerful email sequence will put you heads above the rest to help lead your student into your next paid offering.
During a typical challenge email sequence, here are the steps I follow.
  • Welcome email {for when they first opt in}
  • We start tomorrow {a reminder in case they signed up early + forgot}
  • Day 1 {all of the lesson plus a reminder to tune into the live}
  • We're Live {another reminder that I'm live teaching}
  • Day 2 {all of the lesson plus a reminder to tune into the live}
  • We're Live {another reminder that I'm live teaching}
  • Day 3 {all of the lesson plus a reminder to tune into the live}
  • We're Live {another reminder that I'm live teaching}
  • Catch Up {an opportunity with all the links to the email content + livestreams in case they missed it}
  • Educational Email {giving them a bit more information + introducing them to my offer}
  • Entertainment Email {a fun story incorporating lessons of the challenge + giving them more reasons to buy}
  • Action Email {this is a hard sell}
  • Doors Are Closing {for the last minute action takers}

I've found powerful email sequences to do sooo many things for my brand + business.

It makes me money. I usually make a few thousand dollars during each live challenge I run.

It establishes my credibility. To my challenge takers + those in my public free facebook group. Everyone is seeing me teaching, usually monthly. They trust me because they have access to me.

It builds my list. By a lot. Nothing has built my list faster than online challenges. 

Wondering where to host an online challenge? I highly recommend using the Pipelines feature within Kajabi. It makes it so easy!



I grew up believing that, if you worked hard + kept your head down, people would recognize it.
And every single time I had the potential to lead a group - be it horsebackriding, high school, whatever - I was always 2nd in charge.
The one working for #1 + supporting them or doing all the work for them. Can you relate?
I learned a powerful lesson {that took me way too long to recognize}.
I am the champion of what I do.
I am the one leading the train.
The train doesn't stop for anyone.
Bringing this into your challenge, you need to know that even if you put on the most incredible live challenge in the world, no one will buy if you don't champion yourself.
You have to:
  • Let them know about your product from day one
  • Hit on the fact that the challenge resolves one tiny part of the puzzle - the product resolves everything else
  • Show off the destination your product provides, not the technicalities of the plane
That looks something like this...
"Hey Jade! I'm so happy yesterday helped you overcome the hurdle of going live for the first time. It can feel really overwhelming to know exactly what to say. I have the exact formula in my membership, 'The Visibility Lounge' + it will help you feel so confident delivering your message that people will join your list + buy from you easily because they'll connect with you so much."
When I'm on my livestream teaching, I may have a comment roll in on what someone learned or what they're still struggling with.
I will validate their struggle + then give them relief knowing the in-depth answer is inside of my membership.

To recap, there are 6 pivotal parts to hosting a live online challenge that gets leads + converts to sales. Start with a powerful product, take a tiny segment, craft a 3-5 day training, use a live element, insert an email sequence + flow into your product.


If you want to be on point with your visibility strategy, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Comfy On Camera challenge so you can master your online presence {and see how I run my challenges live!}


Comment below: What live online challenge are you committing to creating?

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