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Want to know the 3 Visibility Strategies I learned from Tom Cruise when I was working in Hollywood that applies to your business?

In this post, I'll share the top lessons Tom taught me.

Let's do it!




#1 Thing I Learned From Tom Cruise: Fall Hard

Ok, so when I visited my Dad on "Mission Impossible: II" in Australia, I was soooo nervous. I was by myself - in a different country - in a remote location. Underground.
It was a spooky place with lots of dark corridors, cement + moisture. It kind of reminded me of a bunker.
When I finally found the crew, I tried to hide in a side room, but the very kind Director John Woo made me sit in his chair on set.
{Did I mention I was raised to always stay out of the way? Sooo embarrassing to sit in a freaking director's chair in front of the whole crew!}
They called rolling + Tom was doing jumping jacks gearing up to run up 3 stairs + jump up through a hole in the ceiling.
"Ready? And ACTION!"
I could hear my Dad yelling over the walkies as he wrangled the helicopter above.
Tom ran up step one, step two + BAM.
He flew forward, hit the cement wall + hit the ground.
Everyone froze after yelling CUT. I mean, this is one of the most famous people on the planet. Did we just kill him?
Suddenly, his arm lifts in the air -- his hand giving a big thumbs up.
As Tom popped back up with a smile, ready to go again, I realized something that has stayed with me to this day.

My epiphany was that my disappointments were guaranteed, but discouragement + acceptance of my failures were my choice. 

Tom doesn't just make a movie. He trains. He goes for it 100%.
Every day you step out as an entrepreneur or an influencer, you are going to fail. Some days will be tiny failures, some will be epic.
A course flops, you forget to post, you get sick + can't make the event.
But the excellence comes from continuing to push ahead anyway.
Could Tom have fallen that hard if he wasn't running at full speed? No.
And all he needs is one more take before he can make it up those stairs + through the ceiling to the helicopter.
What I'm trying to say is that the result will eventually come. 
The diligence, the tenacity, the work...that's what needs to be in place before the successful take can happen.

#2 Thing I Learned From Tom Cruise: Be You, Unapologetically 


Tom doesn't give a crap.

Don't get me wrong, he's a very friendly, kind person, but if you have an issue with what he wants to do or try to keep him from a stunt...let's just say you're the plaster he's going to punch through one way or the other.

Why else would we all be familiar with the couch?

His emotions run high, so when he's happy - he wants the world to know.

He learns a new skill? He wants the world to know.

You'll never see an apology for who he is.

I admire that about Tom. Despite whatever mistakes we may see, he goes for it.

And, to his credit, his knowledge of self has made him one of the richest actors in the world. 

I find myself walking too softly most of the time. Concerned with what others are doing, what others are thinking...

It's time to put the blinders on + hurl myself forward...don't you agree? Time for us to be ourselves.


Struggling with finding your strength? I've been there. The video below may be just what you need to discover how powerful you truly are.



#3 Thing I Learned From Tom Cruise: Pursue Excellence - For Yourself


By the time we were shooting Mission "Impossible: II", the spider camera had just come out {you know that camera that can fly around the football field during the super bowl? That's the one! But we were the first movie that used it}.

Well, Tom has a treadmill in his trailer. He runs on it all throughout the day + eats 5 super meals daily in order to keep the diligence of an athlete. By the time we were ready to shoot him running, they had to speed up the camera 2x the amount his stunt double could run because he was SO FAST.

We're talking Olympic speed!

Tom taught me to train. To be the very best at whatever industry I was in. 
And trust me, he doesn't do it for the fame. He is so driven to be the absolute best at whatever he puts his mind to because it gives HIM satisfaction.
I mean, seriously. Why else would you be climbing cliffs + hanging off the side of a plane? When he did the knife to the eye {yep, it was really that close + that was really him} -- I thought I was going to pass out!
The man wants to be the absolute best he can be in whatever he does.
So the big question you have to ask yourself is, are you pushing so hard to be the best in this business for yourself, or for others' expectations?
Every day we wake up hounded by others who are more successful than us. So was Tom.
The only thing that set him apart was how hard he worked for his own excellence. And that's what will set us apart.
If you're struggling hard with imposter syndrome, this video might help!


To recap, there are 3 pivotal lessons I learned from Tom Cruise...fall hard, be yourself + pursue excellence.



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Comment below: What resonated with you the most about Tom's routines + beliefs?

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