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The only high-level membership for  online course creators, coaches, + service providers who are ready to step into visibility + publicity with confidence.


You didn't start your business because you wanted to spend 1827374 hours behind your computer hustling for clients/customers + just praying you'd posted enough on social for that week...

You started all of this because you had a passion, a mission + knew your voice could help others get past the hurdles you have much faster.

...but no one told you how hard it would be to grow your audience + become known in the online space.

In fact, it's been so hard lately you've thought of either continuing the vicious cycle of exhausting yourself for sales...or even giving up entirely.

I'm here to rescue you from either reality.


The truth is? There's nothing wrong with you. Or your dreams.

There's something wrong with the strategies you've been taught.

The truth is that most entrepreneurs have no clue how to position their brands + book publicity...because they haven't done it in the real world.

 In order to create the visibility {traffic, subscribers, customers} + publicity {interviews, seen-as-the-expert, stages} you desire, you have to know exactly what to do in the right order. 

So whether you're a total newbie who isn't sure where to start to get your name out there...

Or if you're an established brand that is looking for more eyes, sales + notoriety...

I can help you step into the spotlight with clarity, meaning + confidence.

...and become the go-to name in your niche! 

A Visible Visionary knows how to leverage their vision, their vehicle & their voice.

And with the combination of step-by-step stages, strategies + support, you'll implement the 3 V's to becoming a true Visible Visionary:


You need ALL 3 parts of The Visible Visionary Framework to skyrocket your visibility & publicity!


If you don't, you won't be able to successfully grow your audience, establish yourself as the expert or scale your income.


And when it comes to implementation, growing your visibility & booking need the exact steps to take in the right order!


Visibility Lounge

My unique monthly membership program for online course creators, coaches + service providers who are ready to skyrocket their visibility + publicity!


There is no other membership platform out there designed to help you establish a press-worthy brand, explode your traffic + build your notoriety as THE go-to leader in your niche!

Your Membership in the Visibility Lounge includes...

Visibility Lounge Curriculum Area

You'll get immediate access to the entire education in the membership area.

That means you can start right away with Stage 1 Audition, discover your unique Movie Star archetype + download your 90 day visibility plan!


Workbooks, Copy/Paste Workflows & Templates

I've designed the Visibility Lounge to be ridiculously easy to follow along with + implement.

Each stage, you'll receive a comprehensive workbook so you can complete your growth steps right away.

You'll also get access to press templates + step by step workflows for whatever visibility vehicle you decide on for your first 90 day sprint!

This means the processes for blogging, podcasting, livestreaming, video, online summits + even your first book are all covered!


Weekly Live Coaching Calls, Office Hours & Hot Seats

This support is only available to Lounge members.

You'll be able to attend weekly Hot Seats + Office Hours for constant support.

And, once a month, we'll jump into a group call to get focused for the sprint ahead.


Private Community

You'll never feel alone with all of us there inside of the group celebrating our wins, complaining about our losses + getting a birds eye view into new trainings + hot seats. 

Ask questions + get feedback from myself + the other Loungers at any time.

On-The-Go App Access

It literally can't get any easier.

Put the Lounge on your phone with a few clicks so you can enjoy on the go!


See What Loungers Are Saying:


 Visibility Lounge Roadmap

 Your visibility + publicity plan is going to change soooo much in the next few months! The good news? I'll be right by your side the whole way.

Here is the basic road map we'll be following to get you the success you want:

Visibility Lounge Success Path

See What Loungers Are Saying:


You're ready to hit celebrity status in your niche inside the Visibility Lounge if...

🗸 Your business is ready for eyeballs, but you want to make you NAIL your visibility strategy with the most powerful, time-effective strategies {especially the ones your competition don't know about yet

🗸 You've been trying to build your visibility for MONTHS {if not years}, but your numbers just aren't growing like you want them to...even though you're putting in all of the hard work with your free content.

🗸 You know your brand needs a little polish. You love what you're building, but you know a color tweak + expert positioning will blow it all up in the best way.

🗸 You have no problem investing an hour or so a week, knowing that every piece of work you inject into your visibility strategy will get you the results you want.

🗸 In fact, you're already investing time + energy into social media posts, emails, your website, your offerings...but you're sick of it not giving you the revenue + audience growth you need.

🗸 You care about what's working now...not 10 years ago. Livestreaming, podcast + even summits aren't a blue ocean anymore. There's so much competition, you know that strategy is key...and you want the cutting edge techniques that are working right now.

🗸 You're aware of all of the publicity doors a skyrocketing online presence will open for getting that dream book on the shelves, booking The Ellen Show or even hosting your 500 person event. And you're stoked that The Visibility Lounge includes bonuses like The Pitch Roadmap to help you start springing down that path!

🗸 You're excited to try The Celebrity CEO Method. Even though you've tried visibility vehicles before {like Instagram or Pinterest}, you feel a slight twinge of hope knowing that - by this time tomorrow - you can be plugging yourself in to step by step techniques that will increase your following every single day.

🗸 You feel confident grabbing your access to the Lounge knowing you can test it out + cancel at any time. It's easy. Either you know my system will work for you, or you click "cancel my subscription" + try something else.


See What Loungers Are Saying:



You can go through the Visibility Lounge from home, travelling or at your current job

{remember, there's an app with all of the content!}

The program is 100% self-paced, so you don't have to stress if a family matter comes up, or your launch keeps your busier than you thought.

It's all digital + the calls are all online so you can access the membership site, coaching calls, hot seats, office hours + community from anywhere in the world.


So you've got two options...



You can try to keep all the plates in the air...sacrificing your time, health + money...hoping the next attempt works or that this launch will actually get a purchase. I mean, you may start working on your visibility...someday?



You can join us inside of the Visibility Lounge + spend the next quarter transforming your visibility + publicity step by step through our intensive stages, unparalleled support + milestone celebrations. {aka the easy button}

Stop experimenting with what you think will work.

Let me help you with what I KNOW works.

I'll help you strategize your visibility + publicity so you can finally hit your goals, free up your time + grow your revenue.

Ready to become a Visible Visionary?

Enroll now before the price goes up!

{this timer will re-direct to you a higher price when it expires!}




  • The Visibility Lounge Curriculum {including Audition, Guest Star, Leading Role + Celebrity Stage}
  • Comprehensive workbooks for every stage
  • Weekly Hot Seat calls
  • Weekly Office Hours support
  • Monthly group calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Learn on the go with app access
  • Press pitch templates
  • Press page templates
  • PAY YEARLY BONUS: A free 30 minute strategy call with Michelle to kick off your visibility plan






  • The Visibility Lounge Curriculum {including Audition, Guest Star, Leading Role + Celebrity Stage}
  • Comprehensive workbooks for every stage
  • Weekly Hot Seat calls
  • Weekly Office Hours support
  • Monthly group calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Learn on the go with app access
  • Press pitch templates
  • Press page templates
  • PAY YEARLY BONUS: A free 30 minute strategy call with Michelle to kick off your visibility plan



Let's Get Your Questions Answered...

Meet Your Mentor

I help entrepreneurs skyrocket their visibility, launch their unique show strategy + start landing press for their brand with Hollywood techniques.

I worked for over a decade in tv + film - that taught me SO much for making a brand stand out + "pack theatres".

You want to be seen. Let me help you get there.

Some Success Stories...

This is Vanessa Shepherd. She had an established marketing agency, but wanted to get more visibility + publicity for her brand.

She started with setting her vision using the rapid imaging technique {I teach this in the Star Mapping system}.

Then she defined her mission statement: "I’m Vanessa Shepherd and I’m a marketing strategist who helps business owners welcome new people into their audience daily, create quality content, and generate more revenue through Facebook and Pinterest ads."

Then she dove into the color psychology module + decided on hot pink as her signature brand color. You can see her photoshoot is gorgeous!

Vanessa finished the Audition Stage + Gameboard with flying colors!

Robyn did an amazing job with her brand video using the step by step walk-through, my personal transcript + look how amazing it turned out!


This is Monique Carby. She joined the Lounge to make her side hustle her full time by the end of 2020.

She really wanted a space that would give her the step by step guidance + accountability to accelerate her process + reach more people.

She started with establishing her mission statement: "I'm a Christian life coach who specializes in helping women abandoned during pregnancy recover from heartbreak and rejection, master their emotions, and move forward with a plan."

Then she decided on her primary brand color, purple, to symbolize building a relationship with self.

On the horizon: She was invited to join an upcoming online summit + with recently completing her opt in + about to finish her brand video, she'll be able to leverage the opportunity for even more to come!


Jocelyn joined + within two weeks started booking 5-8 podasts PER WEEK!

This is Ellen Yin. She joined the Lounge to grow her publicity strategy since she was already the host of an award-winning podcast.

She has hit some major milestones - including guesting in an incredible summit, multiple podcast appearances + booking a national TV segment!


It sounds like it's time to take the leap, friend.

Let's get you results like this asap!