Hacking My Facebook Ads Strategy To My Low Ticket Offer With Amy Crane

facebook ads low ticket offer marketing May 04, 2021
Facebook Ads Strategy for Low Ticket Offer

As you know, in the last year, I've changed a lot in my business.

I'm finally at the place of investing in ads.
A lot of people jump in + just charge credit cards, but I waited.
Instead, I built my affiliate funnel to fund my ads.
Check out that blog post here.
Today, I'm bringing in Amy Crane, my Facebook ads manager.
For a year, I've taken every course or program I could find on FB ads.
Amy's membership was the most clear + strategic, so I knew I could trust her with my ads strategy.






AMY: I'm a Facebook ads agency who loves working with course creators + coaches to further sell their programs online. 

MICHELLE: A lot of people say to just stick with "one thing". But what I loved about Amy's membership is that it covered a ton of ground with many strategies.

AMY: Exactly! There's no "one" successful formula. A lot of people try to fit their business into a box. My approach is about what's currently working in your business + how can you use FB ads to amplify that.

If you don't want to do a webinar, you don't have to!

It has to feel right for you.

A lot of different strategies work, but it's different for each person.


MICHELLE: I interviewed 10 people before hiring Amy.

I started the sales for the Podcast Pitch Kit about 8-10 months ago.

It was organic marketing only for quite a few months to make sure it sold.

So it goes Podcast Pitch Kit ---> Podcast Weekly ---> Visibility Lounge.

This let me raise the price of my membership since I frontloaded my funnel with a lower cost offer.

Once I had this converting well, I moved into Pinterest heavily.

And when it was really working, THAT'S when I knew I wanted to go into FB ads.

I also knew some of her clients + saw their growth.

AMY: I think it's really important to have a clear, converting offer.

If people aren't excited about it, ads won't solve the sales problem.

Once you know that, then you can start investing in ads.

Low ticket funnels are a ton of fun to work with + is a great way to build a list of buyers.

MICHELLE: I've made that mistake before. Just jumping into ads when things weren't clear or converting well organically.

It was nerve wracking to go right into straight-to-sale.

But having a low cost offer not only gives the buyer a quick, tasty takeaway, but helps protect your return on ad spend.

AMY: It's interesting to see what happens with low ticket.

We're seeing people go on to buy higher-ticket items from a low-ticket offer.

Most people won't buy a membership or a coaching program from a Facebook ad.

This is the nice middle ground where it's a quick, easy "yes" for people. It's something easy to implement.

And then, since you're saving them time/money, they're going to love + trust you, wanting the next thing.

On the ads side, it's so effective.

MICHELLE: Yes! I hope this is getting our listeners gears turning.

This is by far the most empowered I've felt with an ads strategy.

Since I've worked so hard on this, I'm a better collaborator for my ads manager.

AMY: Yes! It's so important to be collaborative. We're there to help you, so when you have ideas + feedback, it helps us.


AMY: We have a standard low-ticket offer here.

A lot of people don't realize that they can put their membership into one of their upsells.

For you, you had a proven offer that you knew would convert.

So we wanted to focus on building this list of buyers.

Right now, we're testing audiences + creative.

Getting it dialed down to see where our best cost per sale + best return on investment is.

We're coming up on 30 days together, so far cost per sale is looking really good, so that means we're on the right track.

And that means we can put in more ad spend.

MICHELLE: What I loved is that I could look at the report + see exactly what's working.

We've tested 8 audiences is surprisingly the look-alike audiences.

The rest were a higher cost per lead.

With the lookalike, it came down by like $70!

It shows how important testing is.

So now we're raising the ad budget.


AMY: The interesting thing with these funnels is that they're a great way to ascend up their offers.

Most start with a 2-3 dollar return to their ad spend, but then with the upsells, it becomes quickly profitable. Like 5-10k.

Either way, you're building a list of people you can continue promoting to.

These ads are only the first step. So the value of that list will continue to grow.

Even in my own funnel, I didn't think I'd get one on one clients from it, but people are going all the way up from the low ticket to full on clients. It was very unexpected!

MICHELLE: I was hoodwinked a lot on discovery calls. I was told to build an entire high-ticket program so sales would be more profitable.

What that means is that they'd only have to make one sale to call yourself a successful ads manager...

With you, you were happy to work with what I had.


MICHELLE: Have you low cost offer upsell into another offer so you can make a higher return more quickly.

So if 20% of my traffic get the upsell + lets say 10 people buy, I'm making not only $270 from the first sale, but then another potential $200 from the upsells.

AMY: Exactly. You have that added order value to see your return so much faster.

MICHELLE: Also, understanding how to replicate your pages so that's the only place your ads traffic goes.

This will help your ad manager with tracking! And your reporting will be so much more accurate.

AMY: Yes! Being able to track your numbers is so important! Having those separate funnels is so key.

It gives us another guaranteed way to make sure the reports we get from Facebook are correct.

Otherwise you're just throwing money at something not knowing that it's truly converting.

MICHELLE: So many of us hear to get into ads too early. We fail + then have an aversion to it.

And let's talk graphics for a second.

I LOVE Amy's graphics.

When I saw the first designs, it was so exciting to have someone that could do it better than I can!

I felt so good about them + about it going out to the public with my color psychology angle in it.

So, hire an agency that has really, really strong graphics that gives you a variety to test.

AMY: I always love getting creative back + looking at it.

If you're spending money on ads, your creative needs to be on point.

Otherwise, you're spending money for no reason.

I'm grateful to my graphic designers!

MICHELLE: Exactly! Hire the people that can do better than you!


AMY: It's ok to smart small! Test it, see if it works + if the offer resonates with your audience.

You can always add on + spend more, but you want to make sure they convert first.

It's more about your offer + creative first + getting them in front of the right people.

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