How To Look Like You're Everywhere While Taking A Vacation

business tools productivity visibility visibility vehicle Aug 13, 2020

Sick of seeing your peers seeming like they're everywhere?

In this post, I'll share my tips for looking like you're all over the internet - when you're actually only working a few hours each week on content creation.

These are my secret strategies that have helped me work MUCH less harder + a lot smarter.

Also known as simplifying your visibility plan!



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The Struggle Is Real


Right now, your schedule may look like this: 

  • Coaching Calls
  • Client Calls
  • Posting Daily on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Livestream whenever you can
  • Schedule some pins on Pinterest
  • Work on the backend of your biz...emails, funnels, sales calls, product delivery

It can be really tedious, right?

It feels like you're never getting ahead. And, even worse, it's sucking up hours of your time very single day.


The key here is finding a good visibility plan + sticking to it.



What's Your Visibility Vehicle?


Where is your primary content channel going to originate?


I came up with the term Visibility Vehicle to describe this because I think it works so well.
Basically, it means...where will you post original content to regularly to get people into your funnel + convert them into customers?
Here are the most popular options:
  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Podcast
  • Livestreaming Show
  • Online Summit

Whatever it is, you need to have a consistent posting schedule.

Whether it's once a week or twice a month, time to put it on the calendar so you can stick to it.

So, start with your Visibility Vehicle + your posting schedule.

Let me know what you've decided in the comments below.



How Can You Optimize?

Most people don't even think about this part.

But if you're wanting to look like you're in more places, you may want to optimize what you're creating.

For example, instead of just doing audio or writing a blog, I start with video.

So, just like you can see at the top of this blog, I first record the video talking about my concept.

The video goes on YouTube, as well as being posted in my Facebook group, personal page + business page.

Then, I grab the audio for my podcast on Buzzsprout.

Then I write a blog about it on my website.

The video goes at the top of the blog as well.

I then take pieces of my blog + schedule them to my social media channels.

Have you noticed that all of this is done in advance?

So I'm able to do all of this in about 5 hours once per month.

All I have to show up for is weekly livestreams + responding to comments.

Isn't that wild?

Everything else is done.

Which is why my friends see me "everywhere" consistently.



Take A Vacation


What would happen if you needed to take a week...or a month off?

What would happen to your social media channels?


Instead, this process can really help you not feel stressed if you have to take a last minute break with your content.

If you use a software like SocialBee {that schedules to your social media channels}, upload your weekly posts into a category. Mark it "on vacation".

Then, let's say you get a sudden call to go out of town.

Go into your SocialBee calendar + turn off everything that's posting.

Turn on your "on vacation" category.

Now, all of your posts you've been uploading diligently over the past few months will start to recycle.

Amazing, right?

I have a link for you right here if you'd like to try the software.

You don't have to worry about your content going away forever after it's first posting.

Using it whenever you need a break has led to a TON of peace of mind for me. 

Now, I have the confidence of knowing things are taken care of.



Being "Everywhere"


The truth? Doing this process WILL help you get seen.


And that can lead to more customers, more referrals, more guesting spots because of that beautiful word of mouth.

If you're organized + have your Press Page in will be able to utilize these opportunities for growth.



To recap, there are a few things to consider when lasering in on your content creation so you look like you're "everywhere"...decide on a visibility vehicle, optimize your content + set yourself up for a vacation with evergreen posting.


If you're ready to go BTS to see every tool I use in my business, take the free class here




Comment below: What Visibility Vehicle have you decided on ⤵️

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