Making Low Cost Offers Organically Profitable + Scalable with Chelsie Kenyon

low ticket offer value ladder Jun 07, 2021
Making Low Cost Offers Organically Profitable + Scalable with Chelsie Kenyon



MICHELLE: I absolutely adore Chelsie. She + I connected with Kajabi a few years ago + I've always admired her honesty. She's so willing to share helpful tips + has given me some incredible insights to making the platform work better for me. Chelsie, can you give our listeners an intro to who you are?

CHELSIE: Hey! So I focus on low ticket, that's definitely my jam, I love to provide tons of value at a very affordable rate. I tried high ticket for a long time + it didn't really work for me.
I like a lot of freedom in my business, you know this, which I'm all about the automation and low ticket and also payment plans. I love me some payment plans because then I keep getting those like clockwork. So I'm all about the launch, stacking all of that.

I actually got my start in MLM, and was very, very successful. But I didn't like the way that a lot of the training that was happening in the MLM space. And I really tried to train my team of very, like high level corporate strategies, marketing and sales and stuff like that. I basically retired from the industry and started my own business because I just really wanted to help people understand really good high level marketing strategies. Because on social media, it is really easy to get caught up in the gimmicks and the you know, the quick wins, like oh my gosh, if I, you know, do this really gimmicky thing I'm, you know, I might get somebody but in the long term, it's damaging.

I really wanted to bring a lot of integrity to the social media space. So that's what kind of got me into the whole course creation situation.

MICHELLE: What I appreciated about Chelsea is I can't remember what exactly it was, I think it was for the order bump. If you were on a checkout page, she did the did this tutorial video for Kajabi. It was like 22 minutes long, it was so detailed. She even gave the code so that you could have the little box around it like little lines and stuff. And I'm looking through and I'm looking through and there was no like call to action. There was no plug. There was no sale.

And so having watched Chelsea her just genuine compassion for wanting to help people grow their businesses really came across strong to me. And it's something I've always really admired about you.


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MICHELLE: I love what you share about automations. Especially email sequences throughout a course. Can you share a little about that?

CHELSIE: I'm very passionate about people finishing their courses. And as we know, of course, course completion rates are horrendous, though. They're like, 5 or 10%.

I really want people to get results I truly do. But they're not going to get results if they don't get to the content. I don't think anybody goes into something thinking, "Oh, I'm gonna buy this and not do it." Nobody does that.

I know that I'm not the only person with a lot going on. So if I'm struggling, I know they're struggling. And I just thought, "Gosh, I wish that when I bought something, somebody would actually email me and be like, 'Hey, why don't you do that?'"

But I'm probably going to ignore the first one. So I wish that they would send me another email because I check my email every day. 

So I took one of my brand new courses that I just made. And I made this very specific and detailed course email sequence that prompted them to log in and check it out.

"Hey it's been a week since you purchased it, and I would love for you to dive in." And then you know, "it's been two weeks", "it's been 30 whole days"...

I found that it works. And people were finishing it! And because of that I got a ton more reviews than I normally would. So I thought I'm gonna make up a sequence like this, that's a little bit more generic that I can just attach on because I have like 20 courses. So I didn't have time to sit there and write these very specific things for each one. So that's how that came about. It was a combination of my own desires of wishing somebody would kick my butt.

By the end of the last module, I ask for a review. And I just build it right in an assessment. So I don't have to do anything. I am constantly collecting.

MICHELLE: I want people to learn from this because I think it's great to have podcast episodes that you can actually sit down on your laptop while you're listening and implement different changes.  Whatever platform you're using, do whatever you can with the automations because I was doing certain things like add a tag, then an email sequence, etc. But I wasn't being as specific as Chelsie has taught me to be. So if you have the flexibility, if you're on a platform, let's say that it's Kajabi.

And you do have a program or a mastermind or a course or a membership or whatever it is, think about maybe building something before they even start the content to get them into the content. Then for the first section, etc, because it really does make a big difference.

It's all been automated on my part, but it's good that it gets them motivated.


MICHELLE: So now let's move into talking a little bit of the meat and potatoes of your business. Can you tell me currently what your traffic generators are and what your income generators are?
CHELSIE: So my traffic generator is my group. That's the biggest one. It actually was my profile for many years. And then I just created a group and started focusing my time on there.

I mean, I really think that where you focus your time, that's what's going to drive your traffic. So if you focus on emails, you're going to get traffic from emails, you know what I mean?

So right now I'm focusing on my group and I actually want to kind of shift back to my profile so I'm in the process of deciding what that's gonna look like but yeah, traffic for sure comes from my Facebook group.

My income generators are low ticket offers.

One time I just got this idea. I thought, what if I put out a course for $1? Like, what if I just did that? Like how crazy would that be?

Well, that right off the bat generated like $3,000 + now it's about triple that because of order bumps.

I love to have these really low cost offers, and they are legit courses that I could literally charge hundreds of dollars for. So, you know, it's like just punching people in the face with massive value.

And they figure, "hey, if I got this for $1, imagine if I paid her $47 or I paid her $97." So that's a really fun moneymaker for me. I love it. Because it's so easy to market. Anyone will buy a course for $1.

The second income generator are my higher priced courses, we're talking $150-$200 that they pay monthly for. People eat those up, because it's so easy to commit to 20 bucks a month. So easy.

I just make it incredibly easy for people to pay me. And I offer things that have insane value. Like I have the software right now that I offer for $17 a month. Similar software, like you can legit go check it out at $47 a month, no matter which way you slice it. Everybody's like $47, I'm like 17.

I'm like the Payless shoes of the online course space. Because I'm focused on volume. It allows me to serve a lot more people because it's so accessible. And I will also throw in because so many people immediately go, "Oh, you're gonna get low quality clients". No, I actually have some of the best clients in the world that are so appreciative that I do things at a very accessible price.

So if you're out there thinking, well, I don't know if I want to go low ticket because I might attract bad clients. Listen, y'all can attract bad clients, it's your energy, it's your vibe. If you want to attract bad clients, you're gonna attract bad clients. I'm simply unavailable to attract that client. So it's very rare that I get even them on the low ticket end. Anybody who's causing problems, it's very rare. And I do a lot of volume, a lot of volume. So if I was gonna get crap people, I would definitely notice that trend. But for the most part, it's really good people, you just got to, you've got to expect that, you've got to manifest that part of it.

MICHELLE: That's fantastic. And I love that you do things a little bit differently than other people, even people we've had on the show this season, because there is no one right way.

But there is a right way for you.


MICHELLE: Did you start out knowing what you wanted your business model to be?

CHELSIE: No, I started out with a fabulous program. It was a weight loss program. And I was selling it for like $500. And so I started looking at how everybody else was doing because I wanted to scale I wanted to reach more people. So I started looking at how everybody else was doing it. So I got into these groups, and all of a sudden I felt pressured to make it high ticket. So I went in there and like completely revamped the whole course, put all these extra things into it. And I was like, okay, now it's $1597, or whatever it was.

And now because the price is a little bit higher, now I'm driving people to a webinar, now I'm getting on a phone call with them and selling them on the thing.

I was making decent money, it was fine. But I was glued to that darn calendar and that darn schedule. I don't want no schedule!

Low ticket models work for me because I want ease, I don't want to have to have to deal with the phone calls and the schedules. All of that totally a personal choice, right? And I I love how other people do business and so the way that I do business now I was absolutely born trying to do it other people's way and hating it and hating it and then kind of having to figure out what is my way? What does work for me?

And so you know, I definitely did not come out of the gate like "Well, I'm gonna do it this way."

I tried other people's ways until I realized it didn't fit. Then I figured out what fit for me. 

CHELSIE: Absolutely. take that lesson with you that if you already know how you want to do it, just do it that way, and don't pay any attention to what other people are doing. Don't make my mistake.

MICHELLE: All of our mistake. I mean, I've made that mistake too. And you sometimes I used to feel like I had to invest in this program or this mentorship or whatever, to reach this level of success. I felt like I could not do it on my own. And my own resources, I almost felt like I had to have that third party involved. It's taken me a long time to step out of that and go, No, if this doesn't work for me, I'm not going to do it that way. And I'm going to build the way I think it's gonna work. And sometimes you don't, and most of the time, I don't.

I used to think that I needed somebody to tell me how to do my business. But now I'm like, "No, I already know how to do things."



CHELSIE:  After I learned my lesson to not do what everybody else is doing, I just started really going a lot more by my gut.

And that was giving my group massive value, and then providing a level of paid solution. And it's all very fragmented.

I'm not necessarily step by step, I'm more buffet style. Take what you need, leave the rest behind. Because, again, a lot of things that I've built come from my own frustrations in the industry. And I was very frustrated with coming into coaching. And it's like, I already know sales and marketing. But maybe I just want to know ads. I already know this, this and this, but I just want to know this piece.

And I was consistently being pitched into these programs that were $1,000 that had everything in it. And I'm like, "I'm not paying 10k to learn the one little piece. I'm sorry, I'm just not doing it."

So I thought why isn't anybody out there just giving all the pieces and letting people take what they need? This is ridiculous! Now a lot of people are, but at that time it was not as common and they just wanted to get the whole thing. 

I think when you offer things in bits and pieces, people will eventually buy it all. I have so many clients that have bought everything, and they don't even ask anymore. They're like, "I don't care what it is take my money."

So the customer who comes in and is afraid to spend $500 on a course, they very quickly spend $500 with me on different things. It's like that psychological thing. They're afraid to spend the full $500. But at the end of the day, they're doing it anyway.

That's my value ladder. It's almost like a value circle. And I don't think that there's anything wrong with that. Because like we've been talking about this whole time catering to your needs is so important. So there may be people listening right now that are like, yeah, I want something that is more of that buffet style. So it's exciting for them to learn from someone like you that that is absolutely tangible.


MICHELLE: I would love to know just for anyone out there is there any parting advice that you have any wisdom, anything that you want to share?

CHELSIE: Be yourself at the end of the day, just learn to be yourself and learn that you are not going to make everybody happy.

I just had a conversation with somebody this morning, who messaged me and was like, I just love how you just say it. Like you just say it and you don't give a crap. You just say what needs to be said because it's your truth. And I love that about you. And I wish I could do that.

And I'm like, What do you mean wish? Do it, there's nothing stopping you. And the big fear was losing clients. And that's a huge fear of loss. And we could probably do a whole podcast episode just on that subject alone, because it's so deep. But yeah, get over that fear.

Because at the end of the day, it's only going to do you a disservice. I've lost a few people, but I've gained so many more, so many more that just appreciate the straight, no fluff kind of vibe I've got.

Do it now. Because the bigger you get, the scarier it's going to be. So do it now, rip that band aid off, be yourself. Say what you want to say because at the end of the day, you know what, it's not going to be any fun to take all your opinions to the grave.



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