Mastering Clubhouse As A Traffic Funnel with Hayley Luckadoo

clubhouse Jul 05, 2021
Mastering Clubhouse As A Traffic Funnel



Hayley Luckadoo is a marketing coach, primarily working with female entrepreneurs to support them with their sales and marketing strategies to ensure those two things are working together to bring in revenue.  Hayley runs a coaching program, while also offering monthly retainer digital marketing services and self-paced courses. She is also a motivational speaker and the host of the Females on Fire podcast.  

In this episode, Hayley and I discuss:

  • Growing an audience on Clubhouse
  • Clubhouse as the top of your funnel
  • Instagram strategy
  • Marketing trends
  • Facebook: Is it on the way out?
  • Adaptability in marketing
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Clubhouse was previously an iOS only app that has recently become available for Android users as well. This new platform has exploded, and Hayley was an early adopter. She believes Clubhouse is here to stay, and she loves that she was able to really get in at the ground level.

Clubhouse was the perfect platform for Hayley. She is a podcaster and speaker who loves to teach and connect with people, so it was a natural fit. She started hosting rooms related to her podcast and featuring past guests, and her rooms really started to gain traction.

After her first room, Hayley started thinking about monetizing Clubhouse. She considered how she could funnel people into other offers. Immediately, Hayley put one of her lead magnets in her Clubhouse bio, and she made sure that her Instagram was linked in her bio and pointing toward the lead magnet as well. Once that funnel was optimized, she started telling people in her rooms that they could check out her lead magnet or her podcast.

Once she started giving this call to action, she had hundreds of people start following her on Instagram, engaging with her in the DMs, and opting in to her email list through her lead magnets. Massive growth happened quickly for Hayley using those strategies.


Hayley has started using Clubhouse as the top of her funnel, just like you might be using a platform like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Clubhouse feels easier for Hayley because she is already speaking directly to people.  She says they can follow a link to sign up for a resource, and many will do it immediately.  Once they are in the funnel, she can start to nurture them and point them toward another program or service that will be the best fit for them.

It is important to note that Hayley is doing what is in alignment with her personality and visibility plan. Her podcast is her visibility vehicle, and Instagram is a social feed that points toward her visibility vehicle. Now she has the opportunity to blend both of those with Clubhouse, which is feeding her podcast and her Instagram. She was able to put Clubhouse into her value ladder, so people can go from the platform to an opt-in, then courses, a coaching program, and/or done-for-you services. 

I'm not necessarily telling you to run out and jump on Clubhouse - it might not be the right platform for you. I'm encouraging you to analyze your strengths and to do what makes sense for you. When you're in alignment, you have the potential to see the kind of massive growth that Hayley is describing.

Hayley also reminds us that, as business owners, it's okay to have a test period. You can try something out, and you can stop doing it if it doesn't work or doesn't feel right for you. If we try to be everywhere, we can burn ourselves out for very little payoff because we aren't putting out quality content or targeting the right people. Hayley recommends putting time, effort, and strategy into one or two platforms that feel good to you, are bringing in clients, and are building your opportunities for visibility, press, connections, and collaborations.


Instagram is an area of genius for Hayley, so I picked her brain a bit about her strategy. She explained that what she loves and hates about Instagram is that it is always changing. There are so many different aspects to Instagram: IGTV, stories, reels, Instagram shopping ... and whatever is coming next! 

Hayley focuses on stories, and has recently added reels into the mix. A major focus for her, however, is her DMs. Sometimes people forget about this part, because it's not front facing.  The DMs are where she cultivates relationships, and they have become even more valuable since she points people from Clubhouse to her Instagram account. 

From her Instagram account, Hayley can direct people into an opt-in through the link in her bio or toward a course or coaching program through her DMs. You have to look at your preferred social media platforms as the top of your overall sales funnel, but they can also be their own mini funnels. 

When it comes to posting content, Hayley likes to keep a content bank of her ideas so she can always pull from that. She looks at trends and what her competitors may be doing, just to make sure her content is fresh and relevant. In addition, Hayley pays attention to what questions her ideal clients are asking and how she can solve problems with her content.

Content pillars are also important to keep in mind. These are the 3-5 things that you frequently talk about. For example, marketing advice and motivation are primary pillars for Hayley because she is a marketing coach and a motivational speaker. 


Hayley sees Clubhouse as a hot marketing trend right now. Real-time content is really popular, regardless of the platform.  She thinks people are sick of seeing picture-perfect feeds and hearing the same information over and over again. People are looking for you to be unique, original, and real. That is how you can really find your people, network, and collaborate. 

Collaboration is also an important marketing trend. There are so many different ways you can leverage other audiences and mutually benefit everyone involved. You can do an Instagram live together, you can guest on podcasts, you can host Clubhouse rooms, you can sponsor a giveaway with somebody.  Hayley says, "If there's one thing I know to be true of business, it's that networking is everything."  Networking is vital when it comes to your marketing, because building those connections leads to referrals and more visibility and publicity opportunities.


I asked Hayley about something I have been observing with Facebook. In my experience, Facebook is not prioritizing live streams anymore. They don't seem to come up in the feed as much, and my group members aren't getting notifications. 

Hayley shared her opinion that people may be getting tired of Facebook. People still have groups that they love, and people may still use it to connect with their friends, but she thinks Facebook is also going in different directions and people are opting for other platforms when it comes to being social. People might be putting Facebook on the back burner in favor of Instagram, TikTok, or Clubhouse. So you might be seeing less engagement on Facebook live, because people just aren't on the platform to catch them live. They may catch up on a replay later if it is a topic of interest, but they aren't on Facebook frequently enough to watch live.

The algorithm, Hayley speculates, may be catching on to that trend and therefore not pushing lives as much. Algorithms are coded to be smart, and they will always try to push the content that increases engagement and keeps people on the platform. It's always important to have a backup plan, because these social media platforms can be fickle (or disappear altogether). Getting people on your email list and really cultivating relationships is crucial.


Great entrepreneurs are adaptable. They look forward and anticipate what is coming next, while also looking at your ideal clients and thinking about how you can solve their problems. When you can connect those two things, you have a marketing strategy. You have to pay attention to your clients and the avenues through which you're getting clients. You'll be ahead of the curve, ready to move people where you need to move them, or change and adapt your strategy a little bit as needed. That is what will keep you relevant when some other people go under because they didn't plan for those things.


You can find Hayley's Clubhouse blueprint here. It's a free guide that helps you get started on Clubhouse and optimize it for your sales funnel.  I have also brought Hayley into the Visibility Lounge to do a segment on Clubhouse, and she really knows her stuff. 

If nothing else, walk away from this episode with the ability to pivot, analyze your marketing strategies, and look at things without emotion so that you can make changes when needed. Be authentic, show behind the scenes of your business, and don't be afraid to do something differently.



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