My Best Business Tools I Use To Maintain High Visibility

business advice business tools kajabi marketing Dec 21, 2020

What better way to wrap things up for the year than to talk about what works?

And I'm specifically talking about software.

I think finding tools to run our businesses more effectively are on the TOP of our Christmas list, right?

In this post, I'll show you the top tools + softwares I use to make things run more efficiently.



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An oldie, but a goodie!

This is the software I've used the past 2 years to keep all of my revenue-generating items organized.

It currently hosts my:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Funnels
  • Opt Ins
  • Email List
  • Email Sequences
  • Affiliates
  • Products {courses, membership, programs}
  • Payment collections

I've appreciated Kajabi so much for keeping everything in one place - as I all too clearly remember the nightmare it was before using 5 different platforms.




I've tried Lisbyn + Blubrry to host my podcast over the years.

Lisbyn was a dinosaur + it wasn't easy to share or manage on Blubrry.

Buzzsprout is a dream.

Not only is it easy to upload the episodes, but with the built in audio preview generator, it's easy to share too.

I love how it manages my listens + how easy it is to distribute to multiple stations.

I think I'm currently listed on 15 now - just with the click of a button!

This is my go-to tool for podcast management.




As your team grows, it can be stressful figuring out how to keep communication streamlined.

Slack has been the answer for me.

Not only do I use it to communicate with my VA + Pinterest manager, but I also use it to help other businesses I work with in daily communication.

No need to send 50 emails back + forth, it can all be done on my desktop or on the go on my phone inside one app.




This is the easiest tool I've found for social media management.

SocialBee holds all of my social media posts across all platforms.

It publishes to:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

This lets me focus on creating great I can upload it to SocialBee to reach everywhere I need it to.




Pinterest is my number one traffic driver right now in my business.

And Tailwind helps us keep things growing + posting on autopilot.

Not only can we automate our posting schedule, but we also use Tailwind Communities to boost our reach even further.

Between the feed, group boards + Tailwind communities, we've grown our following to 2.1k this year.

Tailwind has been the best software for us to use to stay hot on the Pinterest platform.




This year is the first time I've been working one on one with clients.

And that means them having access to me throughout the week to ask questions + get support.

I needed our communication to be all in one app that was separate from my social media - and Voxer was the answer.

I'm able to talk to them easily voice to voice to support them whenever they need me.

I love the personability of the software to be able to connect with them.




I hope seeing the tools I'm actively using in my business has helped give you some ideas of how you can start streamlining.
It's so important to find what works. What makes life easier.
And, most importantly, what helps directly impact your profit.
Most of the links above will give you a bonus for signing up before the new year. {for example, Buzzsprout is an affiliate link that will cover your first month by sending you a $20 gift card for joining!}
Take the time to sit down + implement the best tools for you NOW before the New Year hits.
Then you can jump in with full force!


To recap, Kajabi, Buzzsprout, SocialBee, Tailwind, Voxer + Slack have been game-changing softwares for my business in 2020.


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Comment below: When software are you excited to try?? ⤵️

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