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Want to know the pivot your public speaking career to podcast guesting so you can keep growing your visibility + publicity even if you're stuck at home?

In this post, I'll share exactly how to do it.



Before we dive in, you may want to grab my Podcast Pitch Template so you can get started getting booked! Do that here.



1. Know The Stats

 We all know public speaking has a crazy amount of value. Delivering live from stage has a huge effect on conversions, so you know you'll be adding 5-10% to your email list + 2-5% to your client roster.
But is it the same with podcast guesting?
I've gathered some statistics so you can understand the value of podcast guesting and see how it can be the perfect platform for you during this time of transition.
Let's prove this is the right audience base for you:
  • There are over 850,000 active podcasts
  • Over 30 million podcast episodes to listen to
  • Over 1/2 of US consumers listen to podcasts
  • 32% of Americans listen monthly
  • 1/2 are more likely to buy from a brand after hearing their show or an advertisement of their company on a podcast
  • Ad revenues for podcast advertising have skyrocketed since 2015
  • 80% of Americans spend over 7 hours a week listening to podcasts
  • 50% of all US homes are podcast fans
  • That means 60 million US homes listen to podcasts
  • 32% of monthly listeers earn over $75,000 a year
  • The rest earn anywhere from $100-250,000 a year
  • 58% South Korea are podcast listeners
  • 40% Spain are podcast listeners
  • 33% USA are podcast listeners
  • 36% Sweden are podcast listeners
  • 33% Australia are podcast listeners
  • 30% Italy are podcast listeners

*sources are Podcast Insights, Statistica, Neilson


Podcast guesting equals a huge audience base - bigger than any stage you could possibly book.

Which means a huge potential increase of subscribers and customers.



2. The Biggest Benefits

You've seen the stats, so you know podcast guesting will get you in front of a MASSIVE audience.
But what are the other benefits?
I think the biggest one is a boost to your subscribers and ultimately? Revenue.
I've guested on plenty of podcast myself and I've got to tell you, it's grown my list massively. And, since they're opting into my funnels, it's increased my sales.
*DISCLAIMER: If you don't have a completed funnel in place, time to check out my blog all about funnel-building so you can get that completed. Otherwise, this will have very little effect on your profitability.*

I really want to talk about the second benefit, which I think is the best one - relationships.
When you guest on blogs, you form relationships with the podcast host.
And, if you give a really powerful interview with tons of value, the host will become your biggest fan.
That means they'll promote you more heavily to their audience.
They'll refer you to other shows.
They'll even possibly want to collaborate with you on future projects.
Some of my biggest opportunities have come from podcast guesting.
So don't discount this amazing opportunity. 

3. Do The Research


Have I convinced you?

I sure hope so. I'd love to book you on a show THIS WEEK!

But what are the first steps?

#1 is definitely doing the research.

You never want to pitch blind.

And what I mean by that is - you need to research the shows you're submitting to.

Gather some intel.

What niche are they in?

Who is their target audience?

What topics have already been covered? 

This will give you an advantage when you actually do send in your pitch - the host will appreciate your research.
There's honestly nothing worse than getting pitches that are bland, general and impersonal. I could honestly forward you hundreds of these that I've gotten. It's awful!


If you need more help with your pitch, check out my recent blog all about it here.

And yes! Our agency does do this entire process for you {including your press page!}. Book a call with us here. 


4. Remember It Has Nothing To Do With YOU


It's really easy to get on a show and to non-stop blab about yourself.
Trust me, this is very common and not at all something to worry about.
A simple shift in mindset will help you conquer this once and for all.
It has nothing to do with you.
When we're on a podcast, we want to make the host and the audience the star.
We're here to serve them. We're here to highlight them. We're here to make them feel like anything is possible.
The #1 reason people listen to podcasts is to learn something new. 
So give, give, give.
Open up their perspective to the unique knowledge that you have that's totally different from anyone else.
Then, with permission, we can share the next step - our opt in.
The key here is a very soft pitch.
To give them enough to open their minds to a new possibility and, if intrigued, to give them the next move. 
Trust me, an audience can feel authenticity - and they will take the time to look you up if they learned something.
So get going and get giving!


To recap, podcast guesting is a great option to pivot to if the door to public speaking has been slammed shut recently.


If you want to get on podcast sooner, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go grab my Podcast Pitch Template.

If you want to learn how to do this process yourself, you can learn the exact steps to take inside of my monthly membership, The Visibility Lounge.

Or if you want to hire this out, feel free to book a call with my agency!


Comment below: What piece of advice are you going to execute today? I'd love to know!


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