Creating Social Media Content Categories For Batching {aka scheduling in advance!}

batching marketing social media Nov 16, 2020

Sometimes, creating social media content can feel really confusing.

What should I be posting?

What will my audience like to see?

How do I stay consistent with what I'm talking about AND regular posting?

Getting more focus when it comes to sourcing your social media topics can really help your creative + productive process.

In this post, I'll show you how to create social media content categories to soar your creativity, engage your audience + set your posts to schedule in advance.



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You may already know this, but a content category is very much like a theme or a business pillar.

It's something you talk about often in your zone of genius.

It's a "category" of the 2-4 topics you can share the most.

It can be anything from mindset to baking.

Let me show you...


My content categories are visibility + publicity.


I want you to list as many as you can.

Then, look at the common themes throughout + narrow it down to 2-4.

This is going to help you streamline what you talk about with your public content.

My students fight me a little at first, but once they decide on this, their creativity soars.

Because instead of sitting down to write a post about ANYTHING...

Your brain immediately knows it needs to source its ideas from 2-4 categories.

And this means your brain can come up with ideas faster, easier + more efficiently.

*Let me know in the chat what categories you decided on!




Now that you have your content categories, you can sit down + start writing.
But how do you make sure it's content that will engage your audience?
Whenever I sit down to write a post, I actually write 5.
Because it takes that long to cover every aspect of what I'm trying to teach to my people!

And what I do is figure out what I want them to learn that week.

In this case, it was diving deep into the difference between visibility + publicity.

Don't be afraid to really explain things out. Give them that amazing takeaway. Take them on a journey.

Help them TRUST you.

Let me show you last week of my posts:


Do you notice how I also give a call to action at the end?

I'm not putting in links going to blogs, podcasts or videos.

I'm asking a QUESTION so that they will start learning to ENGAGE.

This strategy won't only help you grow your social media following {like in my case Instagram + FB}, but will get your ideal clients engaging, trusting + therefore LOOKING at your other content to buy from you. 




Hands-free social media is the dream, right?
Way too many of us let this stay an aspirational dream instead of fighting to make it happen.
Batching + scheduling in advance will put your hard work out there, but in a consistent way so you don't have to worry about posting daily.

I personally use a software called SocialBee to do this, but you can also use soooo many others like Scheduler, MeetEdgar, Grum, etc.

But I do recommend getting something that will let you keep a bank of your posts. 

So when you create your week long of posts, this is where you upload it.

Set it to go out daily Monday - Friday.

By selecting multiple platforms {like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook + LinkedIn}, your incredible posts will cover more territory.

And there you go. Your posts will roll out all week.

But here's the MAGIC...

As you do this for, let's say, three months....


Because that beautiful SocialBee is going to recycle old content for you while you're sleeping in or going on vacation!

And that's because it still has your brilliant posts from three months ago.

AMAZING, right?

I probably have a six month bank stored up right now with really great, in-depth content.

So if something happens or comes up, I'm covered.

Batching your social media posts + uploading them into a scheduler to cycle {forever} gives you the flexibility to take time off. 




I hope that this post has helped you see how easy it can be to create your content categories to spark your creativity.
And to show you how creating 5 posts per week deep-diving into a topic can really build that trust you're looking for with your audience.
I also hope seeing my batching + uploading process has inspired you to streamline your social media process + see how you can take some well-deserved time off!
Because there's nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck in that visibility rut.
The best place to build your step by step visibility AND publicity plan is inside of my signature membership, The Visibility Lounge.
I'll show you what to build in the right order so nothing is left up to confusion or chance.
Feel free to join here, we'd love to have you!


To recap, it's such a relief to know what to post, when + know you can always take time off.


If you're ready for the next step of your career, join a community of 100+ entrepreneurs who are taking action with their visibility + seeing huge results! Join here.


Comment below: When will your new social posts start to roll out? ⤵️

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