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social media May 24, 2021
simplifying, simple social media process


In today's episode, I wanted to bring in someone I've learned a lot from over the past year.

She doesn't do a lot of interviews - so get excited that she's here to give you a birds eye view into her million dollar business!

In today's episode, we talk about:

  • Treating your social media feed as your opt in
  • Coming up with a product people go crazy for
  • Building an immediately profitable value ladder

And here are her products so you can grab what fits best for you:




MICHELLE: Let's talk about how this idea for these templates came to you and how you were able to over the past year, totally revamp your own value ladder. And what does that look like now? What is that customer journey look like?

KATYA: I've always been interested in what what is trending and I noticed this pattern of these infographic style templates that were popping up. And they were really spreading out. And I looked around on Creative market Etsy Google to find if there was any templates out there, and I couldn't find anything.

I want something that can provide a value in the photo. Because most people don't read captions, if they can see the photo, and they can get value, they'll share it. And if they share it, I will go viral, and I will grow and etc. So I figured, you know, I'm just gonna create some for myself, I'll just write some for myself. And then I thought, Wait, if I make this for myself, I bet some of my audience might like this. Let me try.

So I went out and put a post and said, I'm thinking of doing is would you buy it? So I put a checkout page to pre sell it. And this is one of the strategies that I teach in 20 Nation, which is always pre sell before you sell. And I pre sold a 1300 of them and we made $36,000 before the product was even finalized. Amazing. Yeah, I love that.

MICHELLE: I thought you were onto something because it was something different that I hadn't seen before. And when I saw how many comments you got, I was like this is interesting. I'm sensing a pair that I got to be at the front row, and I got to watch it. 

KATYA: Me and my other half Jamie, we sat down and within 48 hours, we had the checkout ready, I had a mini sales page explaining the whole thing, the idea, I didn't really have the time to think so I just made it up. And I was just like, this is the offer, what's gonna be this is how much and we ended up raising over $45,000 in two days for the club as pre sales. And that's how the club started. And today we have over 1000 members in nine months, which is insane, right?

And we eventually ended up raising 84,000 total in lifetime membership fees before we ever launched it properly. So yeah, at 4000 it kind of gives you when you when you can launch something and make money from day one, it really kind of keeps you motivated to keep going and and it kind of it's not because oh I'm paid nicely for it. But it's because it kind of tells you there's a market for this and this is something that is definitely the right direction. And that's what I was most excited about that I saw the potential of it. 

MICHELLE:  I would love for you to cover why how you came up with that new strategy, what that looks like and what your current value ladder is.

KATYA: I drive traffic to a paid offer, the viral content templates, the price varies, but if you grab it at a good spot, you might be able to get it for 30 bucks if you hurry up. And but it varies between 30 to $130, the whole offer that it starts with, and that's the initial purchase, and I just drive traffic straight to that I drive ads, I drive organic social media traffic, I think I get some organic search as well to it, but I also do affiliate traffic to it as well.

And then from there, we have great people into the membership, which is we've made it super accessible for any entrepreneurs even starting out. So the price is always very affordable. I'm sure, if you check out the links Michelle shares with you, you'll be able to see how much it is at the time while you're watching it.

And then after that, there is a another level membership, which is 20k Nation, which is where Michelle came in first. And 20k nation is all about selling and launching digital products profitably from day one, kind of like I have done. So that's kind of the value that are at once. And then on the back end, sometimes I do consulting, sometimes I do done for you branding, design services, you know, from $10,000, plus projects and stuff like that. 

MICHELLE: So for someone who is feeling a little energetically drained from their current business model, whatever it may be, what would your advice be?

KATYA: Delegate whatever drains you ASAP, or remove it completely. Honestly, that's what I do. 

I have this philosophy about burnout. Burnout does not come from how much you work. It comes from what you spend your time working on. 

Do the things that energize you cut through everything else and, you know, delegate it.

MICHELLE: So as we wrap this up, darling, any final advice or excitement that you want to share?

KATYA: There's two ways that you can get clients and build your brand on social media, you can cast a net and catch a fish, so to speak in the ocean. 

But there's a better way. And I want everybody to know that there is a better way. And that other way is what I call build your coral reefs build your coral reef garden. And in other words, create a social media presence and a coral reef garden that's so attractive that all the fishes in the ocean want to come to all the clients in the industry want to work with you.

All the people who are interested in your content want to follow you and you don't have to push them. You don't have to convince them you don't even have to ask them. It's just it's your social media presence, your content. Your brand is just so attractive, valuable and different that they can't stop following you. 

And here are her products so you can grab what fits best for you:


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