How To Start Time Blocking Your Visibility Strategy

productivity visibility Jul 23, 2020

Want to know how I simplified my business visibility strategy with time blocking?

In this post, I'll take you through the concept that took me years to learn {and very few people are doing!}.

You don't need to keep feeling frustrated about your lack of visibility! It's very easy to inject a successful routine with time blocking.

This is one of my secret strategies that has helped me to minimize my visibility work hours, maximize my content's reach + free up a ton of my time.



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1. Decide On Your Visibility Vehicle


A Visibility Vehicle™ is a term I brought to the online space to describe your primary content channel. 

Will you choose a blog, podcast, YouTube channel or livestreaming show?

These are all amazing options for you to start publishing regular content to attract more + more people to your brand.

I definitely recommend choosing the one that will align the most with your personality type. {You can take the Hollywood'preneur Quiz right here if you need help narrowing it down!}

Here are some ideas:

  • If you're very driven + have no problem getting large concepts executed in a small amount of time, a YouTube Channel or Podcast may be a great fit for you
  • If you're go-with-the flow + love to improvise, a livestreaming show could be the perfect fit
  • If you're more technically minded + love writing, a blog could be the best option 

The bottom line? Decide on where you'll be publishing content on a regular basis.

This will help you get into a routine of consistent visibility, making it easier + easier to attract an audience + grow your list + revenue.




2. How Many Times Can You Publish?


Sit down with your schedule + figure out how much time you can dedicate per week to creating content.

Is it an hour? 2-5 hours?

Do you love batch recording, so you can set aside one day per week to fill up the month?

Once you can narrow this down, it'll be easier to figure out which vehicle works best for you + how much time per month you'll need to set aside to get your blog/podcast/video/livestream published.

Figure out the exact amount of time your process will take up so you can set that time aside in your calendar.

This will depend if you're publishing content on a week by week basis, or getting it all done once a month.

Maybe each Wednesday, you'll work on this for 2 hours.

Or you can set aside the first Monday of the month to get it all done in 6-8 hours. 



3. Look At Your Process Of To Do's

The easiest way to do something over + over again is to have a template or checklist to follow so you don't have to "reinvent the wheel" every single time.

So I recommend sitting down + listing out every single task that is associated with your Visibility Vehicle™ .

If you use a project management software like Asana or Clickup, it's a great idea to create a template you can just copy for each week's assignment.

Finishing your vehicle {especially if it's a blog} enables you to spread your content on multiple platforms - like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest.

I actually take my video, turn it into a blog, publish it to my podcast + take segments of the content to post on social media throughout the week.

It's such a time saver, right?

This is what I highlight in my weekly newsletter.

This is what I livestream about on Thursdays.

And this is what I advertise on Pinterest.

And because of all of the SEO - it's ranking on Google too!

When you can streamline this process into your Visibility Strategy, your time starts opening up for further opportunities like podcast pitching, public speaking + publications.



To recap, time blocking your Visibility Strategy can help you start posting content more consistently, bring in more traffic to your offers + help you publish to all of your social media channels much more easily.


If you're ready for the next step of your visibility plan, take the Visibility Archetype Quiz!


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