The Top Visibility Ideas That My Students Used To Succeed!

#visibility strategy students Dec 14, 2020
This week is going to be a little bit different.
Because I can talk all day long about visibility + publicity strategies, but if you don't see it working for others too...
What's the point?
In today’s blog, I've polled my Visibility Lounge members to see exactly which strategies have worked best for them.

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CASE STUDY #1 - Robyn Marie


Name: Robyn Marie


Specialty: CEO + Nutrition Leader

Robyn joined the lounge a few months ago + jumped right in. She identified her mission statement, message, brand colors + shot her brand video all in just a few months.

She's also became a contributor on {read once of her articles here}, rocked her press page build + just booked her first podcast!

Her biggest struggle? Getting into a consistent visibility plan + getting consistent content published.

Here's what worked:

"Writing and blogging has been amazing for me to get content out there, and the biggest thing that I've started doing that has converted directly into paying clients is building relationships over social media. Direct messaging, engaging and asking the right questions. I have it almost down to a formula!"

Here's what I loved about chatting with Robyn...she's scrappy.
She's not afraid to try what no one else is doing + she's happy to connect directly to customers than just automating the entire process.
I've watched her create really strong online challenges + because of her level of commitment + engagement, she converts a HUGE percentage into paying clients in her programs.
The lesson here? Figure out what you enjoy doing + stay consistent at it.

Her favorite part of being in the Visibility Lounge: "I love that Michelle is there. She's just there when you need her, and that's incredibly important and helpful for me."



CASE STUDY #2 - Dayana Mayfield


Name: Dayana Mayfield


Specialty: Content Marketing & Digital PR Expert

Dayana came into the Lounge already rocking her business. But she wanted more visibility + to really hone in on her messaging since she'd recently pivoted her ideal client.

She is an amazing writing + got one of her pieces published on {read it here} + Thrive Global {read it here}.

Her biggest struggle? Honing in her pitches to be more specific + getting into a stronger publicity rhythm.

Here's what worked:

"Guest blogging and guest contributor posts was my most impactful strategy. I contributed to publications my target audience respects, gained content to share on social media, and drove quality backlinks to my site."

Dayana knows how to turn listeners + readers into clients.
And the best place they would recognize her genius + invest is by writing on other people's platforms.
With her recent addition of podcast guesting, she's doing such a fantastic job getting into a steady visibility/publicity rhythm.
The lesson here? Tap into where your ideal clients are + what platform they will really trust + therefore trust YOU when they see your content.

Her favorite part of being in the Visibility Lounge: "What I love the most about the Visibility Lounge is the hot seats. Despite being a writer and a natural headline generator myself, I get stuck with my own story ideas sometimes. Ultimately, we all need feedback. Michelle is really skilled at quickly setting me on a clear path ahead towards my visibility goals. The motivation is so helpful too!"



CASE STUDY #3 - Ravi Toor


Name: Ravi Toor


Specialty: Conscious Leadership Coach + Impact Strategist

Ravi has been in the Visibility Lounge since the beginning! She has such a powerful goal for her business + the impact she wants to make. So clarity has been the name of the game as well as consistent action to get her message out there.

Her biggest struggle? Consistent visibility content.

Here's what worked:

"My strategy has been video and blog content, guest expert on podcasts and distribution/connection on LinkedIn. I've used the batching method Michelle teaches to create batch blog and content material. I've also narrowed my focus to LinkedIn to target my ICA. Using the batched content and connecting, I've increased my visibility on and through LinkedIn. I also used Michelle's podcast pitch kit to land guest expert opportunities on podcasts for increased visibility and authority."

Ravi is all about authenticity + a stellar mindset - so I love that fluff is never allowed in her content or her marketing plan.
I've watched her crystallize her offerings, get the 'aha' moment on the direction she wants to go in + know that the rest will follow quickly!
The lesson here? Stay consistent with who you are + make an authentic connection with your audience.

Her favorite part of being in the Visibility Lounge: "On a macro level, I love the lounge and its structure. I love that it’s self-paced, I can follow a path that’s specific to me vs a generic visibility/publicity plan, and I love how I don’t have to be completely engaged in support resources like the Facebook Group or Office Hours yet, they’re always there as a resource should I need to tap in. With all that happens in my day, I have limited time and the ability to focus on my visibility without getting caught up in some “hype” is paramount for me and my motion."



CASE STUDY #4 - Kay Brown


Name: Kay Brown MA, CA, RA


Specialty: Founder, President and Program Coordinator

"Our mission is to educate and empower event organizers and venues to create a safer and more positive nightlife culture, where all people are free to be themselves, without experiencing discrimination or violence"

Kay is such a powerhouse. When she explained her business + her vision, I was so incredibly proud to even be a small part of supporting her.

Her biggest struggle? Crystallizing the marketing plan for her fundraiser so it would be impactful + profitable.

Here's what worked:

"We wanted to drive traffic to our upcoming fundraiser. While we had to bump it slightly back due to availability of collaborators, we have been able to gain a larger audience and secure a better channel that will be allowing us to use their online platform to host the fundraising event! We are working with an absolute dream of music artists on the fundraiser and I am so thankful I asked for help to make it happen.
We have secured a spot in our first conference presentation speaking on our agency and how marketing strategies can be used to increase the quality of advocacy services for those in need, while better engaging college aged students.
In addition, to all of this - applying the principles Michelle teaches has also allowed us to be showcased as a resource on a significant anti-violence in electronic dance music campaign. This was secured after Michelle discussed a strategy to connect with the organizer during our 1:1 session - her teachings and tactics work!"
Isn't' this amazing?? Kay is making it happen + putting in the connections to really propel her visibility forward.
I've watched her find clarity, strategy + most importantly, ACTION to push her business to impact the world.
The lesson here? Take consistent action to hit your goals. Find unique ways to connect.

Her favorite part of being in the Visibility Lounge: "There are many ways to help increase your visibility and step into the greatest version of yourself, and Michelle teaches how to bridge the gap in an effective manner and eliminates the feeling of overwhelm. I am thankful for the Visibility Lounge and the opportunities the trainings have provided me... and definitely will be stepping into another hot seat the next time I need help.

Thank you for helping me make my dream a reality, by helping me present the most authentic and best version of myself and the importance of my work 💕 Because of the opportunities the lounge has helped me with, I can show up and serve in greater capacity."


Let's Wrap This Up

Hasn't this been fun to look over?
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what strategies have worked for my students right from their mouths!
What I love the most is that no one's path is the same. Every person + every visibility strategy is vastly different.

There is no "one size fits all" + anyone who says that there is, is lying to you.

I hope today's blog has inspired you to keep going, keep experimenting + see what will work for you.
It definitely has made a huge impact for the students you've seen above.
In the meantime, tag me in your stories! Let me know what strategy you'll try this year!
We all have to try quite a few methods until we find the one that works for us :)


To recap, success doesn't look the same for everyone. Neither does visibility strategy. But, if you tap into what works for you, the results can be truly amazing!


If you're ready for the next step of your career, join a community of 100+ entrepreneurs who are taking action with their visibility + seeing huge results! Join here.


Comment below: Which member can you relate to? Which strategy might you try? ⤵️


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