Developing a Strong Content Visibility Plan

#visibility marketing Jun 28, 2021



I have been sharing the changes that have happened in the Visibility Lounge program, or as I like to call it, Lounge 2.0.  We have reviewed visibility personalities, productivity styles, and messaging. This episode will focus on visibility vehicles™: your primary content channel and the main drivers of traffic and authority establishment.

Examples of visibility vehicles™ include: blogs, podcasts, virtual summits, live streaming show, or video channel.  Many people are inclined to start with publicity, such as podcast or summit guesting. While publicity is great, I urge you to keep that separate from your primary visibility vehicle™ because you want to have a dependable way for you to get traffic, subscribers, and revenue. 

The best way to do that is through your own platform that leads into your own funnels and drives profit. Using someone else's platform can give you exposure and may lead to revenue, but it is not guaranteed.

In this episode, I am sharing some tips on developing a strong content visibility plan.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Lead potential customers into your sales funnel
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Choose a visibility vehicle™ that aligns with your personality
  • Share your message on multiple platforms
  • Recommended frequency of content publishing
  • Make sure your sales funnel is in place
  • Outline a workflow for your visibility vehicle™


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Having a visibility vehicle™ on your own platform is a great way to optimize your website so you are more likely to rank on Google.  In my case, when people type visibility or publicity into Google, I want to pop up. SEO is really important, so consistently releasing content on your platform is a great way to establish that.


Your visibility vehicle™ will also lead people into your sales funnel. With a podcast, for example, you show up and talk every week.  People learn to trust you. They respect you, and they're learning from you, so they are more likely to go into your funnel either through an opt-in or a purchase. 


Building a backlog of content is invaluable when it comes to establishing your expertise. When someone comes to you as a potential customer, they know you know what you are talking about.  In addition, when you are ready for publicity, people will look you up online before booking you to see your content.


It is really important to choose a visibility vehicle™ that aligns well with your personality type. We talked about this a couple weeks ago as well. If you're really skilled at writing, you hate being on camera, and you love teaching, you are probably going to do well with a blog or maybe a podcast, as compared to a live streaming show or a video channel.

If you hate technical stuff and just want to show up and get it done, you are probably going to want to do a live streaming show. If you don't mind the production process and you love being on camera, YouTube will work well for you.

Don't look at your mentors or people in your mastermind group and think that you have to do exactly what they are doing. It has to be in alignment with you.


Ultimately, my goal for you would be to start with one vehicle, and then stack it so that it can be optimized on multiple platforms. This strategy gets your message out there in a more powerful way. I like to call this vehicle stacking, and it's what I do with this podcast. I record the episodes on audio and video. I post the video on YouTube and Facebook, the audio becomes the podcast, and the video, audio, and text in a blog on my website driving more SEO.

As you grow, you have the ability to be more present on different platforms. Trying to be everywhere all at once from the start can be overwhelming, but over time you will learn the process or you will be able to bring on a team to help with distribution.


How often you publish content is up to you. I recommend doing at least twice a month, and no more than once or twice a week. It can be a time suck, but there are also times where you can take a break because you have a backlog of content stored and ready to recycle. I'm going to be talking about that more in my next solo episode.


We just barely touched on this in the last solo episode with your value ladder, so you can make sure your vehicle brings in traffic, subscribers, and revenue. In your vehicle, therefore, you need to be crystal clear with your call to action. Your vehicle brings you the traffic so you start getting people into your funnel.

I know that if someone takes action from the podcast, they may click over and trust me with their email address. Then they start ascending my funnel toward becoming a customer. If you aren't getting the traffic you are hoping for, you may need to change the format or use a different vehicle. In the Lounge, we figure out what is working for you and what needs to be tweaked.  We want to make sure the path is clear so that you are getting at least an opt in, but hopefully a customer, whenever you release new content.


You need to make sure you have a strong workflow outlined, even if right now you are a solo entrepreneur. Why?

  • You will probably forget a step
  • Using a project management software can keep you accountable
  • Your workflows will be set when you do take on team members


If you have been on the fence about a visibility vehicle™, or if you have been doing one for a while but you haven't known how to monetize it, or even if you are at the point of being ready to outsource the process, I hope this has been a helpful episode for you. I would love to hear about your major takeaways! Feel free to tag me on your Instagram stories @visibilityvixen.

We do have custom workflows inside the Visibility Lounge, so if you're interested in joining the program you can DM me and let me know. In two weeks I will also be talking about my social media system and my evergreen system, so I'm really excited to chat with you about that. In the meantime, I hope this episode has been educational and inspirational. 


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