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Want to know the top 10 steps to becoming a public speaker so you can start getting on stages and get more eyeballs on your business?

In this post, I'll share how I've done just that.

Where I'm on multiple stages every year, including TEDx.



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1. Know Your Story 

When you're on stage...whether it's for an event, retreat, presentation or TEDx talk, it's important to know your stories. {more on discovering your signature speech here.}
Because, depending on the topic, you'll be utilizing the one perfect for the occasion.
And if you don't know your key stories on lock, the audience will have a hard time embracing what you're introducing.
Whether it's a new belief, pattern, philosophy or habit - your audience needs a story to fully understand it.
So, know your stories!


2. Make The Audience The Hero

Your talk actually has nothing to do with you.
It's really hard to hear this {especially for entrepreneurs}, but even if you're speaking on your story of transformation...it still has nothing to do with you!
Your audience is the hero. Always.

And whatever you're speaking on, they need to know how it can apply to them. 
If I'm speaking about color psychology, it's so they will feel empowered to wear a certain color to a business meeting and crush it.
If I'm speaking on visibility blocks, it's so that they'll re-examine their environment and see how they've been held back by other's lies.
And even though I'm telling personal stories of my past of chronic pain and bullying, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.
But my story will help them connect the dots to their own self-realization.
That's the goal.


3. Find Your Unique Speaking Style


You're unlike anyone else. So why should you speak like everyone else?

It may feel confusing, but it's extremely easy to step into your unique speaking style.

First, analyze your strengths.

Are you outgoing and assertive?

Or shy and reserved?

Do people love to laugh with you?

Or do they flock to you to teach them?

Weave those natural strengths into the way you speak.

Don't force yourself to tell jokes if you actually would rather lead them in a meditation.

Focus on your natural gifting, then stay in that strength on stage.

For more clarity on your personality type, you may want to investigate my signature visibility quiz called The Hollywood'preneur Quiz.



4. Take Professional Headshots


I get fought on this all the time - but nothing will help you more when applying to speaking opportunities than having a great headshot.

This shows a booker that you're professional. It makes their life easier with promotions. It really, really helps.

And it doesn't have to cost you a grand. You can get them done very affordably - especially in your community!

Go to your local college photography department and find a student looking to expand their portfolio. Chances are, you can probably get them for free!



5. Start Small


We tend to only think of places like TEDx or FunnelHacking Live when we're dreaming of stages...but that's not the best place to start.

It's so much more empowering to see smaller stages that would be a great fit for the start of your speaking career.

It's time to investigate your local Toastmasters or Rotary Clubs.

I have a lot of friends who started here and it always worked for them.

Building their confidence, speaking abilities and even their speaking reels!

Here are some other places you can draw inspiration from according to your niche:

  • Yoga Studios
  • Co-working Spaces
  • YMCA's
  • Professional Meetup Groups
  • Wine Clubs
  • Town Hall Events
  • Book Stores {hosting your own book signing or hosting a small event}

There are soooo many possibilities to get on stage, I know you can put your imagination to work and come up with something amazing!

Just remember to get as much as you can on tape!



6. Build Your Speaking Reel


The best tool you can have in your arsenal for public speaking is a speaking reel.

Don't worry, you don't have to be a major speaker to have one!

You can start making one today.

Be very intentional with where you're speaking and make sure you have a friend, camera, tripod and microphone to capture the occasions.

This way, you can start building footage.

Even if you want to rent out a space and talk to no-one {that's what I did when I first got started}, it's so important for bookers to see that you actually can deliver.



7. Go For TEDx


Once you've really got the feel for it, you can go for your big goal - TEDx!

It usually takes about 20-40 applications to get accepted, so starting the process now is a great idea.

If you're feeling lost on the process of TEDx, it's ok!

I teach it all step by step in my signature program, The Applause Academy.

The important thing is to know exactly what you're going to speak on and make sure that it's 100% unique.

TEDx is all about the spreading of ideas, so you need an original concept to present to the crowd.

If you're feeling stuck, revisit it in a few months.



8. Apply To More Free Stages


A lot of "experts" are teaching to immediately apply to paid gigs, but I did the exact opposite when I was getting started. 

I applied to every free gig I could find. I asked around, I posted my speaking reel on Facebook.

That year, I was able to book 5 stages in 2 months.

And my biggest was to a room of 500 people.

Those opportunities {and that footage} was absolute gold.

Don't be afraid to work for free. It can produce amazing connections, relationships and results.

It's also an awesome way to build your list!



9. Apply For Paid Gigs


You can absolutely start applying for the bigger paid stages once you've done quite a few free ones.

There are a lot of great resources to get yourself out there as a speaker {we also cover all of these in the program!}.

It will become easier the more experience you have, but people are willing to pay to get an experienced professional.

And it's normal to either get travel expenses covered, or a fixed amount where you need to book the travel yourself.

Be flexible, especially in the first year or two, and build from there.



10. Social Media Cycling


One of the most important things a public speaker can do is stay relevant.

And that means posting their speeches on social media.

10-30 minute clips cycled on your social media channels even once a week can really help with public perception.

There are tons of softwares that can help you do this, and it's really worth the time investment for the results you can get.

The best part? Friends will start recommending you because they see the clips!

I've seen it happen over and over again.


To recap, there are 10 basic steps to becoming a successful speaker...knowing your story, making the audience the hero, finding your unique speaking style, getting professional headshots, starting on smaller stages, building your speaking reel, going for TEDx, applying to free stages, applying for paid gigs and cycling your social media posts.


If you want to get on stage sooner, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then jump into my Applause Academy Program so I can teach you how to become a successful public speaker!!


Comment below: What step really spoke to you? I'd love to know!

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