Creating A Brand Video That Will Attract Customers + Publicity

brand video publicity visibility Aug 09, 2020

I've gotten so many question about brand videos!

First of all, what exactly is a brand video?

A brand video is a 2-5 minute video that showcases who you are, what your business is about, who you help + hopefully? where you give to make the world a better place.

In this post, I'll share my tips for creating a killer brand video so you can turn your traffic into raving fans.

And remember, every step you take in your visibility is another step towards lasting impact + wealth.



And before we dive in, I highly recommend grabbing my Brand Video Bundle to learn step by step how I create my high-converting brand videos!


How I Discovered Brand Video creation


Believe it or not, brand videos were non-existent when I launched my business in 2016.

But, coming from a Hollywood background, this what what I knew how to do.

I had grown up editing promo reel for my Dad, my actor friends, even producers.

So, when I got started with Visibility Vixen, I knew a Brand Video would be a great way to showcase myself + be able to stand out online.

I cut together my 2 minute brand video.
I went through my story, my background, what my company was about, who I served, what I'd accomplished.
  • My story
  • My background
  • What my company was about
  • Who I served
  • What I'd accomplished

You can check out my brand video here.

I started sending it out with my Press podcasts, speaking gigs, publications.

And I started getting replies!

I got customers directly from the video.

I got booked on tons of podcasts + even huge features like Good Morning La La Land.

I was amazed that one video could do so much for my business.



What If I'm Already Successful? 


A lot of entrepreneurs don't take advantage of a Brand Video because they're already making money. 

My response?
"Image how much MORE you'd be making if you had one!"
And, no matter how famous, I always make my clients create a Brand Video because bigger publicity opportunities won't necessarily know who they are.
For example, Oprah probably doesn't know who James Wedmore is.
A Brand Video works wonders with these unique opportunities that seem impossible. {Don't believe me? Ask Rachel Pedersen or Ellen Yin from Cubicle To CEO!}
Here are the advantages of creating a Brand Video when you're already seeing some success:
  • Your existing customers will LOVE seeing it. They'll feel so much more allegiance to you.
  • Podcast Hosts usually take the time to watch it + will book you more quickly.
  • Stages. Even if you've never been on stage before, seeing you speak in your Brand Video will eliminate any objections to booking you directly.
  • Publications. Editors LOVE a good story. And, usually after seeing your video, they will already know the hook they want to write about.

Brand Videos are an amazing way to elevate your brand into even more opportunities.

But it can also take an absolute "nobody" + put them on the map.

To sum up? Brand Videos can be magic for anyone.



How Do I Create One?

A Brand Video does take a little bit of time, so prepare to spend at least 10 hours on it.

It can be a challenging hurdle - it does take a lot of guts to get on camera like this - but it is 100% worth it.


Talk about who you are.

Make your history/story applicable tot he transformation you help your clients achieve.

Your client needs to see themselves in your story.

Also talk about who you help, how you help them + how you serve in your business.

Huge bonus if you share where you give. Highlight the foundation. This will really inspire your people.

Be sure to time yourself speaking this out.

Aim for 2-3 minutes.

Remember to keep a natural rhythm. Don't rush yourself.


No, you don't have to memorize.

You can easily use a teleprompter!

Or you can do it as audio-only.

Either way, I like to take advantage of B-Roll in editing.

This means footage of you living your life. On a coaching call, at a coffee shop, going on a walk.

You can weave this into the video throughout in editing so if feels very natural.

You'll notice in my Brand Video that I do speak the entire thing to camera, but I have lots of B-Roll.

This helps keep people's attention + really help them understand the different sides of me.

When it comes to editing, I don't want you to stress about it too much.

If it's not your strong suit, hire it out!

Don't let this be your biggest hurdle.

I've found great editors on Fiverr, so feel free to outsource this part if it's stressful.



Post It!


You did it!! Now what?

I want you to post that video everywhere you can.

Add it to your Press Page, your homepage, your social media channels.

People are going to be so excited to see this share from you.

And, even though your #1 goal may be publicity, this video will really help you acquire clients as well.

I like to amp up my existing audience for its release.

Let your subscribers know it's coming.

Post glimpses on social media.

You can absolutely make this into an exciting event!

And, when you release it, encourage them to share!



To recap, a Brand Video is a powerful way to spread your message + help you book more publicity features. And today I covered why you should have one, how to create it + how to announce its release to the public.


And before we dive in, I highly recommend grabbing my Brand Video Bundle to learn step by step how I create my high-converting brand videos!


Comment below: What will be the release date for your Brand Video? ⤵️

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