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personality type visibility visible entrepreneur May 31, 2021
quiz for finding, figuring out your entrepreneur type and visibility personality type

Today, we're going to dive into analyzing our visibility personality types + productivity plans.
It's going to be a fun blog because I thought - since I'm completely revamping my Visibility Lounge® membership and turning it into a signature program - that as I do that, I can come here + talk to you about what I've done.
And I want to start with visibility personality types and productivity plans.
Because I think that we online are subject to so much information about where we should be posting, how we should be posting, that we feel like we're either not doing anything {because we're feeling so overwhelmed about it that all we're doing is serving our clients and students and then running away}, or we're posting, posting, posting, posting and not seeing the results that we want because we're trying to be everywhere all at one time.
So hopefully I can answer both of those questions today and help you feel a little bit more integrated, a little bit more purposeful and inspired to make your own visibility plan. 


When you're assessing what you should be doing for your visibility plan, the first thing you need to assess is who you are, what are your strengths and weaknesses.

You can do this through Myers Briggs, you can do this through the enneagram test. I kind of like to do Myers Briggs because I think that's been the most accurate assessment of my personality. I do recommend taking that quiz twice.

What you need to look at is the common denominator of your personal personality traits. So let me break things down into four different categories like I do inside of the Visibility Lounge® program.

And if you still don't know your Visibility Archetype, take the free quiz!





This is my personal personality type.

They are very much a leader - but not a necessarily a loud leader. This is someone who is at the forefront, but they're not the ones necessarily in front of the camera or attracting like a huge following, kind of like an actor does.

Their thoughts run in the realm of:

What is the need in the world? How can we address that need? What movement do we need to make going forward?

They do tend to have a little bit of a barrier up because they really value their private life, their private time, etc. So you're not going to see them necessarily doing an Instagram story, showing you every part of their life.

It's not as much of that friend connection, it's more of that leader connection.

Directors are really good at leading movements.

They're really, really good at creating the ecosystem of their business of their team. They can bring people on people to fill in the gaps and fill in the roles to help them stay in their zone, which is usually creation, whether it be content creation, or course or program creation, or writing books.



An actor is much more outgoing by nature, very charismatic + naturally attracts a following. They are also more navigated by their passions. So they don't have as much of a structured routine.

They don't need as much alone time because they crave interaction, interviews + being able to go out and see their friends. They are more of a social being + can be an emotional being. But they don't like to wallow in any negative emotions for too long.

In their business, they are more of the creative force in terms of being in front of the camera, they don't have a problem posting on social media once or twice a day, that kind of stuff gives them energy.

They don't mind showing up to calls or doing interviews, that gives them energy.

What they hate is the technical, like website building. They really like being the front end, being able to come into the delivery of their business, but they need team members manage them + keep them organized.



Writers are much more heart centered, more than any of the other personality types.

They are going to be more sensitive, more emotionally driven + are going to get more fatigued by putting work into their business than a director, an actor or a production designer.

What they are more passionate about is the people that they help. Usually their driving force is helping people. A director would say "the education system needs to change" + focus on the big government aspects of making that happen. An actor would help raise the funds through public events. A production designer would help get the new regulations into law. But the writer would actually become a teacher. Make sense?

The good news about that is that people will feel that and they will be drawn to a writer.

Whenever they speak or write, it's going to very much touch them.

The negatives are definitely the technical aspects of running a business. They also don't necessarily like being the face of their business.

For writers that can be really hard for them to figure out a plan because they just want to be in their zone of one to one with clients.

Their strengths will be more in the delivery side, like an actor, and bringing in a supportive team to run the backend and the marketing. 



They are my technically minded, amazing creators.

They are the ones that usually see a director, an actor, or a writers vision, and help bring it to life. And I'm not saying that 100% of you are all working for someone else, you may be your own.

But I can guarantee that in your business you are teaching, and you are usually building a process or a template, and then selling that knowledge or that package to a customer.

So you are really great at coming up with processes, systems and understanding exactly how to get it a big idea done to completion.

These people really love breaking things down in a project management software. And they check it every day.

You will not see any other personality type checking it day to day, make sure everything's checked off.

A director wants the whole process outlined but then doesn't want to have to look at it. An actor, pretty much forget it, you can have someone on the team that runs that, but they probably are not going to check it at all. A writer may check in once or twice a week. But they also want some fluidity to their day, depending on how they feel.

A production designer thinks, "Every day I start work at 9am. I go through the tasks, I'm done at 11. And then I have lunch, and then I go to yoga class."

They're very structured and they can get so much done. 

The big struggle is visibility. They don't see a way of putting themselves out there without it draining their energy. 

So what lights up other personality types puts dread into the heart of a production designer. They need to see how it will benefit their bottom line to want to put any energy into it whatsoever.



Now it's time to analyze your productivity style.

So many entrepreneur struggle with actually executing their visibility plan - because they don't plan according to their planning style!

What is your natural energy during the month? The week? The day?

This will help you plan your Master Schedule to see when you should be creating content, doing technical work, learning, etc.

It has helped me so much to not only be more productive, but free up a lot of the extra time I was wasting trying to force myself to do things.

That way, you can focus on the Visibility Vehicle that works best for you + start taking action!



I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of visibility personalities and how to incorporate your personal productivity style into your routine.

This is how I've been able to grow my visibility sustainably without suffering burnout or discouragement.

You don't have to be everywhere to be successful. All you need to do is focus into your natural zone of genius.

We want to build our audience through our free public education that naturally attracts them into our offers.

I'd love to hear what piece of this blog was most impactful for you, so please tag me on Instagram @visibilityvixen so I can see it!


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