5 Ways To Inject Press Into Your Daily Social Media Plan

press page publicity social media Apr 12, 2021
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Today, we're going to be talking about 5 ways to inject press into your daily social media plan.

I'm going to share what I've been implementing over the last year + what I've encouraged my clients to start doing!

My goal is to help you find a simple solution!

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It's so important to integrate color psychology into your brand + social media presence.

For every client, no matter if they're just starting out or are million-dollar earners, I made them go through the same steps.

I'm moderating in Clubhouse rooms every day because color psychology is the basic building block for their website, social + press page.

These are the three things hosts, editors + publicists look at!

So the first thing we have to do is look at whether or not we're using color psychology strategically in our business.




Otherwise, this happens: You're up for a segment on a tv show or a big publications.

They will go to your website, Instagram, LinkedIn to see if you truly are the expert in this area.

A great way to subconsciously signal that is with color. So if you have those color clearly in your feed + site, people feel that cohesion. They will relax + trust you.

So go through you social media + figure out what your signature color is + why.

It's an easy fix. So take the black, grey + white out of your profile pictures + switch it to a strong primary brand color.


This app is like LinkTree, where it gives people your calls to action all under one link.

I have my socials, my site + a nice brand image.

You can also put in a booking link for your press page!

It's so important to have these pieces all together so people know exactly how they can buy from you or feature you.

If you're ready to add this step to your Instagram, definitely use this feature.

And if you're struggling with your press page, you can grab my template here. It will work for your Kajabi page or Wordpress page.


What I decided to do last year is to accumulate all of my press appearances.

I call this category "appearances".

Every podcast, summit, publication, stage I guest on goes here.

So, on Fridays, it rolls out to my social media!

A lot of press appearances come from connections, so bringing attention to it weekly will lead to word of mouth.

People will tag you or forward your info to their contact.

When I started doing it, it really made a difference!

You can also feature your guest columns here!

It's amazing to have all of this go out automatically.

If you want to try SocialBee, check it out here.


Clubhouse is a connection audio platform.

I honestly hesitated. I hoped it would fizzle out.

So when I got access, I immediately started observing.

Then I started moderating + running rooms + was blown away.

Primarily? This platform will drive traffic to your other social media channels.

But, I actually just booked a feature with the LA Tribune from pitching in a Clubhouse room!

Getting voice to voice with people you don't immediately have access to is absolutely incredible.

It's currently available for Apple + PC. If you want an invite, I have some to spare so leave me a comment.

I think being a co-moderator is an amazing way to get started. You can also start a room in someone else's club, like mine at The Publicity Place.

What's crazy is that in one session, I had my Clubhouse following grow by 100 + my Instagram by 50. One hour brought me 150 followers. It's amazing for growth.

And since Instagram isn't prioritizing hashtags as much anymore, we have to be adaptive to different ways of growing our audience.

Most importantly, to grow our publicity opportunities! The world hasn't opened back up yet, so it's important to use this platform to book those stages!


This stands for Help A Reporter Out.

People are looking for blurbs for articles, podcasts, stages...it's a great feature to utilize to up your appearances.

Make sure to make submitting daily a priority.

This is a great way to get started with your publicity.


I hope this blog was helpful for you + has given you some ideas for your strategy!

When I'm given a new idea, it gives me energy, so I hope it's doing the same for you.

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