How To Build a Successful Press Page That Gets You Booked

press page publicity visibility Aug 03, 2020

Want to know how to create a press page that works wonders?

You don't need to wonder about what a press page is + how to create one anymore! 

Everyone is talking media kits, but the truth? They don't even get opened by editors anymore!

A Press Page is where it's let me show you how to build one.

Just like a brand video, a press page is essential in the online space!


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What's a Press Page?

A press page is a simple web page that showcases all of your strengths and why YOU should be the trusted expert for whatever publicity feature you're submitting for.

Back in the day, we used to create "resumes" for Directors, Actors, Producers, etc.

So, when I came into entrepreneurship, I started with a Brand Video + was trying to figure out how to bring that talent into my industry.

Which is how the Press Page was born!

A Press Page allows you to showcase:

  • Who you are
  • What you’ve achieved
  • What you can bring to someone’s platform

This works for podcast guesting, public speaking + publications.

I've found that my press page has landed me incredible well as my students + clients.

Even with zero experience, logos or photos, just building a Press Page with a Brand Video can leverage their expertise for booking opportunities they'd normally never qualify for!

Remember, a press page is simply public positioning.

A Press Page is a way for you to be able to showcase who you are, what you do + what you specialize in so editors, bloggers, podcasters, etc. can see it in a quick overview to see if you'd be a good fit for their platform.

The bottom line? A press page will help individuals get to know you + figure out if you'd be a great fit for their platform!



Why Bookers Are Deleting Your Pitches


If you've already started the publicity process, chances are you've build a Media Kit or One Sheet.

The problem? Attachments get deleted by bookers + editors!

They won't risk getting a computer virus to see your showcase, I'm sorry to say ;)

Even if it's worked in the past with smaller Podcasts, it will NOT work when you're pitching for television or magazine features.

So, time to ditch the old PDF + build your Press Page on your site so you can easily hyperlink it in an email!

  • WRONG: Attaching your Press Page as a PDF attachment in an email {will most likely go unopened}
  • RIGHT: Making a page in your website {can be hyperlinked + shared easily}

You'll find that once you build it, you'll never refer to that boring old media kit again!



What Goes on a Press Page?


Ok, so now that we've covered why a Press Page is so important, let's go over exactly how to build one!



It may sound obvious, but you need to have your name + unique title at the top of your Press Page. Are you a marketing expert? A mindset strategist?

Be sure to specify that right away so your booker knows who you are.



We talk about this in another blog, but a brand video is a 2-5 minute video showcasing who you are, what you do + how you help your ideal client.

Having this show up right away on your Press Page will help bookers really understand more about you + why you're the expert.

I've seen huge opportunities get booked off a brand video when the person had little to no publicity experience.



This is the one-sentence description of who you are, who you help, the specific results they get from working with you + your signature product.

No need to overthink it here.

It's great to have this on your Press Page because, chances are, this is how you'll be introduced on a Podcast or Publication.



No more than 2-3 sentences, a mini bio is a more personal look into your life + achievements in your business.

This is usually used in written features, but give people a better idea of what you're all about + a personal connection to you as a human.



What can you talk about that no one else can?

Now's the time to showcase your unique talking points.

And don't make the mistake of choosing 20.

Only choose 2 or 3 that truly show off your unique knowledge + list them here.

For myself, I use color psychology, 90 day visibility sprints + TEDx.

Pretty clear, right?

So take a few minutes + find the 2-3 main talking points that will make any booker sign you on instantly.



Now it's time to show what you've been on.

Don't worry if it's still at zero, you can always show your social media + website traffic stats!

But otherwise, feel free to include podcast interviews, fb group interviews, public speaking, guest blogging, etc.

And, if you have logos, place them here as well! 



A lot of times, it's easy for an editor or host to book you off of your scheduler.

So, I like to include it.

Just a simple appointment in Calendly or Acuity that will show when you're available in one hour increments.

That way, they can take that action step to save time if they need to - otherwise they are free to send me their calendar.

You'll be shocked how often they book you off of yours, though!



Don't forget to include at least 3-5 images of yourself!

That way, they can grab them right off of your Press Page + won't need to email you in a panic the day before it publishes.

Almost every single thing I'm advising here is what an editor or podcast host will be looking to include in your feature, so I like to make it easy for them to have access to everything.


Want to get a copy/paste template that you can inject into Wordpress or Kajabi? Grab my Press Page Template here!



To recap, creating a powerful Press Page will act as a personal resume/portfolio in the online space so you can book features like podcasts, stages + publications be sure to build it out according to the steps I've listed + make it public!


If you're ready for the next step of your publicity career, take the PODCAST, STAGES + PUBLICATIONS free video training series right here!


Comment below: Do you have a press page yet? If not, when are you getting started? ⤵️

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