Tips For Launching Your Publicity Plan

pr publicity visibility May 12, 2020

Want to know the second batch of tips to start taking action with your publicity plan?

In this post, I'll continue with even more publicity tips to help you succeed {and ones no one else is doing!}.

These are my secret strategies that have gotten me booked on EOFire, Good Morning La La Land, TEDx, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Medium + so much more.



And before we dive in, I highly recommend taking my Press Plan Training so you can identify your unique publicity strategy!!


1. Research The Features 


It’s easy to list your dream features, but actually doing the research? Much harder. 

It's time to set yourself apart by putting the work in.

The good news? So few do it that it becomes even easier to land it!

I want you to take the list of features you did last week {with tips 1-5} + start finding contact details. That means the podcast host, stage booker or publication editor's email so you can send your email pitch!

So, block off some time on your calendar this week + find the details + contact info of each opportunity. It's actually a lot easier than you'd think to find the contact info for podcasts, publications + even stage opportunities, so don't worry about that part.

But, if you're really struggling with it, you can grab the Podcast Pitch Kit to learn how to research!

{Make sure you keep track of it in a spreadsheet or google doc for easy reference!}



2. Submission Dates


When are you going to start submitting? Let's commit!

Put your submission dates on the calendar with 2 follow ups each.

I want you to look at your calendar for the month + decide when you’re going to start submitting on a recurring basis. This way, it will become a habit + not so overwhelming!

Decide on firm dates + put them in stone.

Is it every Monday that you'll be submitting + maybe following up on Thursdays?

It’s important to hold yourself accountable - so putting it in your calendar helps you actually get it done!

And when you put in “apply for podcast”, be sure to add in 2 follow up dates in case you don’t hear back.

If you really need that accountability {like I do!} - come on over to The Visible Entrepreneur and post a photo of your calendar!



3. Email Pitch Template

You've done the research, you have the dates in your calendar...time for the email pitch!

Your email pitch is THE most important part of your publicity plan.

Because this is when things either epicly succeed or terribly fail.

A great email pitch hits on your knowledge of the platform, your skills + why you’re a perfect fit.

Take your time with this. Be specific and create something short, sweet and powerful!

For more details on the perfect email pitch, grab my Publicity Prep Package where I'll walk you through your email pitch step by step!



4. Send That Pitch!


It’s GO TIME! Time to send out your first pitch!

Take action.

I'm serious.

Send it out right now. *taps foot*

Don’t overthink it. You’ve done the research, you have a killer email pitch -- so go send it!

The only difference between you and someone else booking that feature is that they sent the email!!!

Then shout me out when you’re done so I can celebrate with you!



5. More Pitches!


Send out 2 more pitches this week.

You’re on a roll keep it going!

Send out two more pitches + make sure you keep track of when to follow up.

Can you believe it? You’ve already sent out 3 pitches this week! GREAT JOB!!



To recap, there are 5 publicity tips to help you take action with your pr plan...research the features, input submission dates, create your email pitch, send out your first pitch + then send out two more!


If you're ready for the next step of your career, grab the Publicity Pack so you can start pitching to podcasts, stages + publications asap! Grab it here.


Comment below: What tip are you going to start working on asap? Share it with me below! ⤵️

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