My Most Successful Blog Process + How I Drive Traffic!

affiliatemarketing blogging visibility visibility vehicle Dec 07, 2020
I get a lot of questions about how I've set up my blogging process - and especially how I drive traffic!
Because, as we all know, it doesn't matter HOW much content you're creating if it isn't converting to subscribers and customers!
But this is where a lot of us get stuck spinning our wheels.
So whether you've never posted a blog before or are looking for a way to make the process even more successful...
In today’s blog, I’m going to show you my process + how I drive lot so traffic to each blog post!

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Getting Started With Your Blogging Process 


If you've decided to either start or continue with blogging, congrats!

A lot of people say that "blogging is dead", but I don't believe that to be true.

Blogging is the only platform that has steadily grown my email list for the past year.

Before that, it was sporadic growth...and list growth always stemmed from exhaustion.

But since I've steadily blogged + effectively promoted, I can easily predict hundreds of people joining my email list each + every month.

So, if that appeals to you, read on.

The first thing you need to do is nail down your blogging process.

How many posts will you release monthly?

How will you make sure every piece of the publishing process gets checked?

How will you drive traffic to it?

A lot of bloggers stop at blog creation + then feel frustrated that nothing happens.

So it's important to figure out every step of the process before committing to it.

Let's start with how many posts you'll do monthly.

For me, I try to do one per week.

And I try to write them in advance.

I've been utterly failing at that the last month due to the tyranny of the urgent, but normally, I like to write all 4 in a few days so it's all done for the month.

So if you've decided on the number per month, now you know the number of hours you'll need to set aside monthly to get them all done.

For four blogs a month, I usually need about 6-8 hours.

It take about 4 hours to write, but then I also do video recordings for them so that takes up more time.

But I do love providing readers the option to watch {or listen}.

You're welcome to do the same, just don't push yourself if it already feels overwhelming.

Now let's outline what the entire process looks like for blog creation.

Here is a rough example:

  • Create 4 exciting blog titles
  • Come up with 3 overview bullet points for each
  • Write out each blog
  • Go through it again for formatting + spell check
  • Insert 2 calls to actions in each blog leading to an opt in or sale
  • Create video or audio + insert into blog
  • Input SEO, custom graphic + tags into each post
  • Schedule for release

Now you've got the process roughly outlined so you can follow it for each + every blog post.

This really helps me because I'm not having to try to remember everything. I just need to sit down + hammer it out!

It also can be incredibly powerful once you're ready to do some outsourcing.

I had my VA take over the SEO, keyword process a few months ago. She also takes pieces of my blog + schedules them for social media as well as notifies my email list.

What a game changer!

So getting this process finalized will not only help you stay more organized, but will be very helpful for eventually bringing a VA onboard.

And now that the process is defined, we can move on to traffic!





Driving Traffic


Now for the challenge - driving traffic.

I know it's the most frustrating part, but I think I can really help you simplify it. Ready?

The most important part of the blogging process is figuring out what platform you can use to drive a lot of traffic each + every week.

I tried social media for months.

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, was so frustrating when it would only bring a few people to my site.

I think it was because I was trying to get traffic from social media platforms that are built to keep people ON them.

Instead of focusing on SEO Pinterest.

Pinterest changed the game for me.

Every week, scheduling pins to lead to my content led to a flood of website visitors!

And gradually, I was getting 50 opt ins...100 opt ins...250 opt ins!

I couldn't believe it!

It was because people were coming to that platform to then leave the platform when they found what they wanted...and Pinterest WANTED them to do that.

I think this is the biggest discovery for bloggers.

We can promote our incredible content to an audience waiting to see it.



If you'd like to explore how I promote my blogs, you can check out my Pinterest profile right here.

The most important part of this is consistency.

As you pin your content, also pin other people's.

This is a great way to encourage reciprocity, especially if you jump into Tailwind Communities.

{if you'd like to join Tailwind using my link for a free month, you can do that right here.}

Now, I need you to know that this is a long game.

It's going to take about 3 months to start really seeing results.

But if you are consistent with creating new blogs, pinning them + staying active on the Pinterest platform, it will grow.

And you can still of course share your blog on social just won't need to count on any results from those platforms.

It will all be bonus.

Because you KNOW you have traffic coming from a reliable search engine.

And that was such a huge relief to me...I think it will be for you too!




Let's Wrap This Up


I know this was a ton of information!
I appreciate you sticking with me through it.
Because I think finding processes that WORK is the most important thing. 
And knowing your blogging efforts WILL convert into subscribers + customers is what we want, right?

My assignment for you is to create your blogging process task list + to then get started consistently creating them + pushing pins promoting them to Pinterest.

I hope today's blog has helped you see a new avenue you can use for your blog process + traffic.
It definitely has made a huge impact for me.
Just know that you're not alone in this.
We all have to try quite a few methods until we find the one that works for us :)


To recap, finding a successful blogging process IS possible + you can drive major traffic by using Pinterest as your promotion platform.


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Comment below: What piece of your blogging process will you be changing? ⤵️


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