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sales funnel Aug 23, 2021
getting buyers from your free digital magazine


I'm excited about today, because this is a friend of mine who I actually watched online for years. And then all of a sudden, I saw her posts that she was in Idaho.  I was stalking a bit, and reached out to her.  We met in person, and it’s just been Kismet since then.  Erin has an ingenuity and a scrappiness that inspires me, and I know she’s going to inspire others as well.

Erin has endured difficult life experiences, so she was forced to be resourceful from an early age.  When everything shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people panicked and felt unsure about what to do.  Erin saw opportunities.  She is comfortable in chaos, and does whatever it takes to make her goals happen.  In the online business world, people often think that those who are successful always experience smooth sailing.  Everyone has a struggle, and entrepreneurs tend to create their businesses because of a struggle they have encountered.

In this episode, Erin and I discuss:

  • Becoming a speaking coach
  • Erin's traffic and income generators
  • Running a magazine
  • The future of Erin's business 

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Erin’s path toward her business has been long and winding. Originally, her dream job was a dolphin trainer. She went to the Florida Keys in pursuit of this goal, and found out that a degree in marine biology was not a requirement. She discovered she could have a degree in psychology or teaching instead.  Erin was interested in learning about what motivates people and how they change, shift, and grow.  She went back to school to finish her undergraduate degree in psychology.  With that training, Erin went on to work toward a masters in marriage and family therapy.  She wanted to change the world, and she thought becoming a therapist would be a great way to do that.

When she was about 10 credits shy of her degree, she decided that going into therapy wasn’t for her.  She is an empath, and it was really difficult for her to listen to people dumping their deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings on her hour after hour, day after day.  Erin also noticed that a lot of people come into therapy to complain, but not to make changes.  She considers herself to be results-driven, and that dynamic was not working for her either.

Erin then started as a business coach, before it hit her that her calling was to be a speaking coach.  She had always been an effective speaker, and then she put on her psychology lens and thought about how to transform audiences.  As Erin continued to gain skills, she knew she would be able to help others monetize their messages.



Erin has 22 streams of income, which is in line with the idea that there are so many ways to monetize your message.  She also has a team that helps her to implement her ideas.

Regarding sales calls, she recommends giving people options rather than presenting one yes or no choice.  Erin presents it as, “which one makes more sense for you? The more expensive one-on-one, or the group coaching?”  Giving these options has increased her sales conversions tremendously because she can almost always find something that people are willing to purchase.  If you build up enough assets, you can plug and play based on your prospect’s needs.  Having these assets that you can repurpose and quickly grant access to in something like Kajabi will be incredibly beneficial for your business.  Business owners are often afraid of being perceived as salesy or pushy, but Erin embraces the idea that she may need to push people toward the solutions that they need to take action and solve their problems. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Erin started a digital and print magazine.  This project has allowed her to connect with an interview some amazing people.  She has also been able to build affiliate partnerships with several of the entrepreneurs she features in her magazine.  The magazine is like a brochure, and she can monetize it through affiliate commissions.  In addition, she can use them in retreat swag bags, both virtually and in person, as well as sell ad space. 

The magazine converted into several hundreds of opt-ins the first time Erin launched it as a lead magnet.  She can also leverage it when it comes to events.  Businesses may be willing to offer her a discount on hosting at their locations in exchange for being featured in the magazine, or she may be able to attend events that she features as well.



Erin is moving the magazine to a quarterly release, so is able to devote adequate time to it amidst her other streams of income.  She connected with someone in one of her courses who was an editor and loved setting up layouts in Canva.  Erin offered her the opportunity to be the editor-in-chief of the magazine, and her cash flow would come from the advertising spots she sold. 

When it comes to getting contributors to the magazine, she asks people to submit their content.  She also allowed contributors to advertise for free in the first five issues to build up her reach.  Now that her magazine has a reach of hundreds of thousands, she can sell ad space and earn a profit.  Her magazine has also opened up doors for her affiliate relationships, because she can earn commissions for featuring other people’s programs.

Erin has a corporate and entrepreneur audience, and she has women contributing content on both sides of that coin.  It is important to her that the magazine gives women the opportunity to be heard.  In last year’s June issue, she featured only voices of color.  Within the foreword of that issue, she made it clear that she values a diverse readership and a diverse pool of contributors.  She was able to use her platform to give others a voice.

If you want to check out the magazine and/or apply to be a contributor, you can find all of the information HERE.


Erin has been doing virtual retreats for the last year, and she thinks she is likely to continue with those.  From her retreats, she can convert customers into her mastermind or her other programs.  Erin highly recommends holding online events, especially because we may have more lockdowns coming up in the near future.  People are loving the opportunity to continue to learn and grow from the comfort of their homes.

After hosting her two big virtual events last year, Erin collected everything from sponsorship to getting attendees to setting up registrations – everything you need to do to even think about having an event – and put it into a course that she sells through KajabiVirtual events are here to stay.

Erin drives traffic to her virtual events through masterclasses and social networking platforms such as Clubhouse.  She has also seen success recently with a really strong open cart, closed cart email sequence.  This sequence gave her subscribers a lot of resources and information, as well as testimonials from her clients.  When she opened the cart for her 6,000+ person email list, she received 38 applications for a retreat where she could only fit 20-25 people. 

When it comes to her business, Erin is always willing to try something new.  For example, the person that wrote that email sequence for her lives in Australia but wanted to break into the American market.  Rather than paying upfront for the email sequence, they agreed on doing a backend split instead.  The more money the sequence made, the more money he would make.  So if he had just gotten $3,000 for the email sequence upfront, that would have been it.  With a 10% backend split on 38 registrations, he could easily make upwards of $80,000.  Thinking outside the box can lead to huge results! 



All of her social media is @erinlomanjeck and she has several free resources on her website. 

In closing, Erin shares this wisdom with us: “The world's crying out for your message. It's time to be out there doing it. If you are not getting out on stages, if you're not creating your own events, you're not getting on Clubhouse, you're not out speaking every single day, where you can give back, you're doing the world a disservice.”


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