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Want to know the how to start getting in front of crowds so you can become a public speaker and build your speaking reel?

In this post, I'll share exactly how to do it.




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1. Nail Down Your Unique Topic

Most public speakers don't get booked because their topic is nowhere near unique enough.
"How To Get Healthy", "How To Grow Your Social Media", "How I Overcame Addiction".
We have to stand out more.
The best way to do that is 3x your title.
Let's use the "How To Grow Your Social Media" example.
It's very easy, just do something like this:
  • More specific: How To 10x Your Social Media
  • More specific: How To 10x Your Instagram Following
  • More specific: How To 10x Your Instagram Following With 5 Minute A Day Stories


I could pitch that talk to a ton of different entrepreneur events.

So get specific and show me in the comments below :)



2. Regularly Attend And Speak At Toastmasters/Rotary Clubs

It's time to stop thinking you'll step right onto huge stages.
I'm not saying it could never happen, but the best way to start is to smart small.
Joining a local Toastmasters or Rotary Club is a great way to get your feet wet with public speaking.
I know so many speakers who have started here, and it truly works.

You'll have the time to build your skills while building relationships - and that usually always leads to bigger events.
Make sure you attend regularly and give as much as you get.

3. Look For Spaces In Your Niche 


I need you to be creative.

Because there's no other way to do this with public speaking :)

You have to be scrappy. Assertive. Creative.

Find places to speak!

Does your local entrepreneur space host events?

Can you find a space where you could host a small event at a local coffee shop?

How about a meetup group at a fun restaurant that would give you their backroom in exchange for buying their goodies and promoting on social media?

Make it fun. 

Then use that as an opportunity to get photos and video of your speaking for your speaking reel. 

  • Have good audio and video to capture you speaking as well as b-roll of the event
  • Hire a local photographer to take stills of your speaking and your guests

If you then follow the steps for social media cycling I give here, it WILL give you more stages.



4. Ask Your Biz Besties


 Chances are, they've either heard of events looking for speakers, host events themselves or are open to hosting one with you.
My first 3 stages were all industry friends who saw me speak and wanted me at their event.
Word of mouth is HUGE.
And if you can give mutual benefit by promoting their event on social, chances are, they are going to be excited to have you.
If you're starting completely from scratch, consider hosting a retreat with a friend.
You both get to speak and get footage while not carrying 100% of the burden.
It's a great way to step out as a leader while building your experience.
I've even seen people host one day dinners at their house to speak.
And, bonus, they sold their products because it was such an intimate trust-building experience!
Get inventive here and build your own stages!


To recap, there are some great ideas you can adopt to start getting in front of crowds...including nailing down your unique topic even more, regularly attending Toastmasters, looking for spaces in your niche and asking your biz besties.


If you want to get on stage sooner, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then jump into my Applause Academy Program so I can teach you how to start getting in front of crowds!!


Comment below: What piece of advice are you going to execute today? I'd love to know!


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