How to Get Confident + Do Video for Your Online Business

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Want to know how to get more confident onscreen so you can inject video strategy into your business and make sure you're connecting/building your audience? 

In this post, I'll share how I've built on-camera confidence to use video in all aspects of my biz to build audience trust!

This has also led to me leading The Comfy on Camera Challenge in my community, The Visible Entrepreneur, to help hundreds of other entrepreneurs build these skills too!



Why You Cringe Every Time You Get On Camera

You'll hear a lot of experts teaching to "just do it". Then, 6 months later, you've only gone live once {which you later deleted} -- or that video you wanted for your website is still haunting your to-do list.
It feels impossible. And you're not even sure why - except that being on camera makes you feel physically uncomfortable. To the point of NEVER doing it.
The truth of why this is so hard for you isn't because you need to throw yourself over the's a much deeper problem.
You were convinced, at one time or another, that you shouldn't be seen.
{Just like I was at age 12 by an acting teacher who told me I was too heavy + not pretty enough to ever be onscreen.}
It could be a trauma, bully, unfair response...or even lack of response, from your past.
And whatever it was, it left an invisible mark on your subconscious -- instructing it that it was physically NOT SAFE to be seen.
And it literally doesn't matter if it was the most ridiculous thing that you know wasn't meant to hurt you. The subconscious locked on and decided it needed to protect you. At all costs.
 So, every time you take a selfie, sit down to record a video or hit that 'go live' button...ALARM BELLS SOUND.
This can look like sweating, nerves a total mind blank. It can also be sneaker -- like suddenly remembering the laundry needs to be done or that you should really text your friend back right this second.
NEED HELP? Watch this video if you need help understanding more on this visibility blockage concept.

Building Your On-Camera Confidence


 So now what?

You've gotten to the bottom of your fears, so you're ready for the next steps. And they're ridiculously simple.

Time to bust out your phone!

Every single person - whether it's Tom Cruise or the guy at 7-11 - doesn't feel totally comfortable when a camera's on them. Or at least they didn't used to.

So I want to help you get used to it without all the crazy pressure of going live or recording.

Your assignment is to put your phone camera on you {so you can also see the reflection of yourself in it} at various times of the day for one week.

Brushing your teeth, making breakfast, watching tv, going for a walk.

You don't need to record, just get used to seeing yourself on camera.

SPOILER: It's normal to not feel thrilled about this since we normally wait to look our very 'best' before we get on camera.

What I'm helping you do with this exercise is to sooth your subconscious.

To show it that there is no danger here. That it's safe to be seen.

And once you've jumped this hurdle, the rest is extremely easy.

Around day three, you'll start to notice that you aren't looking at the camera screen as much to see how you look or what you look like.

By day five, you'll be annoyed I'm still making you do this because it's not even a big deal anymore - just an annoyance!

And, by the end of the week, you'll be ready to get on camera.

It sounds nuts, but I've seen it work over and over again.

Where students who would literally break out in hives being on camera are suddenly ok - and even more amazingly - EXCITED about making videos.

So, grab that phone and get to work!



Why You Need To Be On Video


I could bore you with the stats.
But we all know that video is much more effective than words. 
Especially for our audience.
The ability to truly communicate lies with face to face connection as well as vocal inflections.
And, even though you may not be in-person, this is just as important for your audience.
They want to see you!
-To see how they feel about you.
-To see if they get a good vibe from you.
-To see if they have the courage and trust to buy from you.
So, if we want to be the entrepreneurs we aspire to be, we have to do everything we can do serve.
And that means video.
This is also where most online business owners fail.
They put so much work and passion into their products, but they leave so much at the table by not getting on camera.
Even though all the stats prove that video and livestreaming explodes not only their following but their customer base.

So why not make your follower growth easier?
Why not make your launches easier?
On camera work is the best way to hit all of your goals at an accelerated rate.
It's also the best way for your customer to feel like they know you, trust you and not have to think twice about buying from you.


How To Get Started

So where do you start first?
I recommend livestreaming.
It's a quick and easy way to start getting comfortable and connecting with your audience. Plus, you barely need any tech to do it!
You can livestream to your private Facebook page, a Facebook group, your business page or even from your Instagram account.
If you want more guidance with livestreaming, join my Comfy On Camera Challenge!
A great livestreaming length is anywhere from 10-20 minutes.
And a great starter livestream is an introduction!
Give your audience a warm welcome, introduce yourself and your business, then talk about where you're headed!
It doesn't have to be long at all. Just enough time for you to work through your first livestream and see how truly amazing and confident you are :)
{be sure to tag me on Instagram to let me know you've done it!! @visibilityvixen}


To recap, there are some pesky gremlins that hide behind on-camera nerves...but, with a little work, it's very easy to release those fear patterns and start getting more confident doing videos!


If you're ready to start livestreaming now, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Comfy On Camera Challenge so I can teach you how to get more confident on camera ASAP.


Comment below: Did this stir anything up for you? What subconscious fears did you uncover that may be at the root of your camera confidence?


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