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social media visibility vehicle Jul 12, 2021
Content and Social Media Cycling, social media content batching



In this episode, we're going to be covering some ground about content and social media cycling.  I've covered pieces of this in past episodes, but I'd like to get into more detail about these two sections of the Visibility Lounge program. We have talked about analyzing your personality type and productivity style to figure out how you work best, and then moving into messaging.  We covered your mission statement, belief statement, brand video, value ladder, funnel, and everything you need to have in place before you "go public".  

You should have educational content going out on a weekly basis, bringing in traffic, subscribers, and customers. When people come to me and say they want to jump right into podcast guesting, I have to remind them of the importance of their content.  Podcast hosts will go to your website and your social media accounts to see if you are truly an expert in your field.  If you haven't put the work in on your content, chances are you aren't going to get the publicity gig.

In this episode, we will focus on:

  • Selecting a visibility vehicle™
  • Planning content for your visibility vehicle™
  • Social media scheduling
  • Time freedom as an entrepreneur
  • Creating actionable content


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Visibility vehicle™ is my fancy term for 'primary content channel'.  This is your blog, podcast, live streaming show, video channel, or virtual summit.  It is the way you share your education and expertise to attract traffic, build your subscriber base, and convert them into customers.

Once you have figured out which visibility vehicle™ is best for your personality type, you have to start planning and scheduling your content. You want to come up with a schedule that is sustainable for you, while also allowing you to grow your audience, subscribers, and revenue.


There are a few great ways to plan out your topics. I like to search on Google, YouTube, and Pinterest to figure out what terms people are actually searching for.  I check out which videos are the most popular to learn about what connects with an audience. 

If you base this on your business pillars, or the main topics you teach, you can come up with 30-50 very specific, keyword-rich topics.  Then all you have to do is show up and create content on your preferred visibility vehicle™. 

The hardest thing is figuring out what you are going to talk about, and I don't want that to hold you back from getting visible. If you can plan in advance, you can then start batch recording or writing.  You can get your content done in advance, and then move on to the next phase: scheduling.


When it comes to social media, you have to consider where you will post, how often you will post, and what your goals are for the different platforms.

For example, I use Instagram to educate my audience base. I use a lot of infographics, publish my visibility vehicle™, and share a lot of stories.  My goal with this platform is to educate, build trust, and bring people onto my email list.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is a search engine.  My goal with Pinterest is to show up and stand out when people search for visibility, color psychology, or publicity. With an optimized account, I can get 150-200 email subscribers a month from Pinterest.  I have shared my Pinterest strategy on previous episodes, including my recent interview with Laura Rike.

Want more Pinterest tips?

I recommend focusing on two or three social media platforms.  More than that can get really overwhelming. 

At this point you may be saying, okay well I'm publishing my vehicle once a week - I'm not going to be able to fill up all five days with content from my video or podcast.  You're absolutely right, and you shouldn't.  You want to show the variety of knowledge that you have.  This is why you have different social media content categories.  Here is a sample posting schedule:

Coming up with that consistent schedule is going to help you because then you can start writing out your content banks.  As you start publishing your vehicle, store those posts.  In six months, you can cycle back through and people won't notice because it is several months old.  You can also start building banks of your infographics, templates, and press appearances.  Doing this allows you to have a large content bank that can last you months.


That is the kind of freedom I want for my students.  I want them to walk out of the Visibility Lounge program with their visibility strategy nailed and their social media scheduled so that they have a clear plan of action.

This process creates time freedom, and it also gives you a clear system that you can outsource.  You can easily bring on a team or hire a VA to take over some of the creative process so that you have more time and space to build and grow your business.

Many businesses suffer because they're so focused on content creation and they cannot execute any other strategies.  Then they feel like they need another program, course, or mastermind to keep them from drowning, meaning they are spending more money without making more money.  You may have fallen into this trap yourself - I know I did!

That is why I developed a system that allows me to feel more freedom.  I feel really confident with the content I'm publishing, and I have free time to work on all the things I need to work on.  This freedom comes from learning the process yourself, and then outsourcing it.  That is what I'm working on with my students.


I wanted to share my process with you today because I'm hoping you can pick up some actionable tips.  I want to empower you to start a visibility vehicle™ or a content bank, or get set up with your social media scheduling so that you can have more time freedom.  Any of those things are huge wins.

I use SocialBee as my social media scheduler and ContentFries for editing video into my social media posts, if you want to check those out for yourself.

If you're interested in developing a system like this for your own business, I invite you to come into the Visibility Lounge program.  Feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at [email protected] with any questions you have.  This is definitely a program for someone who wants to learn about sustainable and authentic visibility, and I would love to be the one to walk you through it.

In the meantime, get that social media going and get that vehicle publishing. Please tag me on social media - I'd love to see what you're up to!


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